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After spending the morning with this program I really like it.  But without an image comparision implementation similar to BreezeBrowser  or Faststone it becomes yet another addition to my workflow rather than eliminating a step or making things more efficient.   I shoot a lot of macro with long exposures.  It is very common for me to shoot 30 15-30 frames of the same thing because I detect subtle subject movement or wind and in many cases the difference between shots can only be determined efficiently through multiple image comparison on the same screen.   Also I shoot a lot of macro and landscapes where I am pushing the envelope of DOF.  So I take a series of shots with slightly varying focus and apertures.  Again, the ability to select 2, 3 or 4 images and scroll and magnify them on the same screen is just an incredible editing tool.  I am running a trial of FastRaw. As seductive as the program is I am not sure I want yet another program on my computer unless it becomes an inclusive solution eliminating a work step instead of adding one.