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Vote for FR priority?
One several of the FOSS projects I worked on in years past, end-users were encouraged to "Like" or "Vote" on the relative priority of outstanding Feature Requests (FR). Something that is important to me might be of little or no interest to anyone else.
In this case, a FR that was not much more than nice-to-have to me since my interest was ETTR, and certainly not essential, got more of an enthusiastic reception that perhaps either of us expected.  
I think this Thumb-nail FR (which became grid-view) might be an example of this. Once it was mentioned, other people (not necessarily registered end-users, but new potential customers) seemed pretty enthusiastic about the idea.
tl;dr ?  ... sorry
Another approach I've seen used is to publish your "Road Map" of enhancements, and let current and potential users "Like" or "Vote" on them. That can be Very Eye Opening, which can be a Very Good Thing. Your team (of one or two or more people ... I can't tell ... at least Iliah B. ...  who may or may not also be lexa) ... of talented developers is inherently very different from a typical end-user of RD and perhaps especially FRV. 
Obviously, the expected effort / cost / lost opportunities has to be a huge factor for weighing what to work on.
My speculation is that once your very talented LibRaw team put some thought into the FR, it went pretty well. My further speculation is that "thumb-nails" weren't necessarily of all that much interest to the LibRaw team, so the FR seemed not worth the effort in terms of increased sales. That could have led to the initial reply of "there is no way to show ... "
Once several people expressed interest, there may have been something of an "attitude adjustment", leading to perhaps a realizaton of "well, maybe it wouldn't be that difficult after all."
Or not?
If you would be willing to share the info, this "rusty FOSS'er" would appreciate your initial estimates on the days required, and how long it actually took.