Possible to show thumb-nails of entire folder?

Can the thumb-nails for an entire directory be shown? Did I overlook how this can be done?

There is no way to show thumbnails prepared from RAW data fast (esp. on slow media, such as flash card or camera connected via USB). So the only way to show thumbnails is to show embedded JPEG previews.

There are a *lot* of programs that do that, starting from built-in Windows Explorer (on Windows) and Finder (on OS X). Most of these programs allow to invoke any viewer to see the file in full size. To prevent multiple FRV windows popping up you may use 'Single instance' FastRawViewer option (on Mac this is the default behaviour).

So, we focused on things we do better than any other viewer: fast RAW display (with WB, exposure and contrast tweaks) and quick technical analysis (Over/Under exposure zones and statistics, contrast edges and fine details display).

We propose FastRawViewer to be used as the 'first program in image processing workflow':  as means for quick sorting of 'input stream' (the 100s or 1000s images shot during an assignment, a trip, or a vacation) avoiding the slow-downs for import, preview generating, etc,  even on a very slow (travel) laptop. Usually, only 1-10% of images are 'keepers', so only these keepers will be imported into Lightroom/Bridge/Capture One/whatever.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I am a professional photographer that has been looking for a long time for a way to cull images quickly without paying $150, and FRV looks very promising, but some type of grid view and comparison view would be neccesary. Do you think these featuese would ever be possible in FVR?

Filmstrip (not grid) and bookmarks are near the top of TODO list.

2-side/4-side comparison - definitely not in 1.x version, because it requires entirely different program internals.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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Seems to be implemented in ver 1.3.1.

Just discovered FastRawViewer and think it has great potential. I agree that a grid view of images in a folder would be very welcome.
It also would be great if the program supported a two monitor setup with the grid on one display and selected image on the other.
I sthere a facility to tag chosen images and then make those visible only?


I agree: 2 monitor support, grid view like in Lightrom and comparision of 2 shots would ne awsome.

"some type of grid view and comparison view would be neccesary. "
I agree scrolling through a few hundred images one by one will get annoying and limit the many quick uses this program provides. I would love to have a grid of many images so as to get to the ones i am looking for more efficiently. 

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Vote for FR priority?
One several of the FOSS projects I worked on in years past, end-users were encouraged to "Like" or "Vote" on the relative priority of outstanding Feature Requests (FR). Something that is important to me might be of little or no interest to anyone else.
In this case, a FR that was not much more than nice-to-have to me since my interest was ETTR, and certainly not essential, got more of an enthusiastic reception that perhaps either of us expected.  
I think this Thumb-nail FR (which became grid-view) might be an example of this. Once it was mentioned, other people (not necessarily registered end-users, but new potential customers) seemed pretty enthusiastic about the idea.
tl;dr ?  ... sorry
Another approach I've seen used is to publish your "Road Map" of enhancements, and let current and potential users "Like" or "Vote" on them. That can be Very Eye Opening, which can be a Very Good Thing. Your team (of one or two or more people ... I can't tell ... at least Iliah B. ...  who may or may not also be lexa) ... of talented developers is inherently very different from a typical end-user of RD and perhaps especially FRV. 
Obviously, the expected effort / cost / lost opportunities has to be a huge factor for weighing what to work on.
My speculation is that once your very talented LibRaw team put some thought into the FR, it went pretty well. My further speculation is that "thumb-nails" weren't necessarily of all that much interest to the LibRaw team, so the FR seemed not worth the effort in terms of increased sales. That could have led to the initial reply of "there is no way to show ... "
Once several people expressed interest, there may have been something of an "attitude adjustment", leading to perhaps a realizaton of "well, maybe it wouldn't be that difficult after all."
Or not?
If you would be willing to share the info, this "rusty FOSS'er" would appreciate your initial estimates on the days required, and how long it actually took. 

Dear Sir:

The initial reply,  "There is no way to show thumbnails prepared from RAW data fast", stands. What we display as thumbnails are embedded JPEGs, extracted from raw files; not rendered from raw data.

Lexa = Alex Tutubalin, not the same as Iliah Borg ;)

We do not feel comfortable to rely on voting, nor we are prepared to publish and discuss road maps. We do listen and pay attention / respond / discuss all the feature requests, and we surely welcome any feedback. However both of us are of few words type. 

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JPEG's fine for thumb-nails.
I don't think anyone expects or cares if the thumb-nails / grid-view are based on RAW or JPEG.  Fast is good ... real good.
An aside: does Lexa happen to work on the MagicLantern project as a1ex?

> does Lexa happen to work on the MagicLantern



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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