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There is no way to show thumbnails prepared from RAW data fast (esp. on slow media, such as flash card or camera connected via USB). So the only way to show thumbnails is to show embedded JPEG previews.

There are a *lot* of programs that do that, starting from built-in Windows Explorer (on Windows) and Finder (on OS X). Most of these programs allow to invoke any viewer to see the file in full size. To prevent multiple FRV windows popping up you may use 'Single instance' FastRawViewer option (on Mac this is the default behaviour).

So, we focused on things we do better than any other viewer: fast RAW display (with WB, exposure and contrast tweaks) and quick technical analysis (Over/Under exposure zones and statistics, contrast edges and fine details display).

We propose FastRawViewer to be used as the 'first program in image processing workflow':  as means for quick sorting of 'input stream' (the 100s or 1000s images shot during an assignment, a trip, or a vacation) avoiding the slow-downs for import, preview generating, etc,  even on a very slow (travel) laptop. Usually, only 1-10% of images are 'keepers', so only these keepers will be imported into Lightroom/Bridge/Capture One/whatever.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team