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Thanks for the info and link, the beta looks very interesting. However I had a problem getting the raw file to open in ACR using process version 2.
I tried several times and it always opened in process version 5 (current). I think there maybe a typo in the instructions.

  1. Preferences -> XMP -> Exposure, Contrast, WB - Adobe process version is set to Version 2 (2010)

it shows preferred XMP tags for Exposure / WB as FastRawViewer. I could only get ACR to open in Version 2 if I set this to Adobe Camera Raw /LR.
Is this the correct way to set this setting?
A follow question is that I would then want to use process version 5, version 2 has very old controls. Do I just change to process version 5 once opened in process version 2? When I do this I see a small change in brightness, not much but a change.