How to work with FRV and Lightroom

I have watched the videos and turned off "use Adobe hidden exposure coorection". I then evaluate the raw histogram and select the best exposure from a set of bracketed exposures. I now open in Lightroom and it will apply the Adobe hidden exposure correction. This can result in the highlights being blown out.
My question is what do you do in Lightrrom if you evaluate exposure as above? E.g. should I decrease the exposure slider and if so by how much?
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We are working right now on the solution, it will be published later today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the info and link, the beta looks very interesting. However I had a problem getting the raw file to open in ACR using process version 2.
I tried several times and it always opened in process version 5 (current). I think there maybe a typo in the instructions.

  1. Preferences -> XMP -> Exposure, Contrast, WB - Adobe process version is set to Version 2 (2010)

it shows preferred XMP tags for Exposure / WB as FastRawViewer. I could only get ACR to open in Version 2 if I set this to Adobe Camera Raw /LR.
Is this the correct way to set this setting?
A follow question is that I would then want to use process version 5, version 2 has very old controls. Do I just change to process version 5 once opened in process version 2? When I do this I see a small change in brightness, not much but a change.

Dear Sir:

Enabling these new settings will not automatically rewrite existing XMP files or create new XMP files if they are absent, please have a look at

Yes, as it is mentioned, you can "convert to more recent PV later, if needed".

Yes, I read that and deleted existing XMP files and forced creatation of a new XMP file by changing color label. However this did not force ACR to open in version2, it always opened in Version 5. As noted above the instructions in the link show "preferred XMP tags for exposure" as Fast RawViewer. The new raw file would only open in process version 5 with this setting. I think there is a typo in your instructions and this should be set to Adobe Camera raw/LR.
Just pointing this out as if anybody follows the informatino in the link it will probably not work. Definietly does not work on my Windows PC with "preferred XMP tags for exposure" as Fast RawViewer.

Dear Sir:

Labels are not affecting Adobe exposure control section, we specifically mentioned 2 mechanisms that we recommend:
- either check "Force XMP files creation" (Preferences -> XMP - Force XMP files creation) and open the files where you want the new settings in FastRawViewer
- or open the files where you want the new settings in FastRawViewer and at the Bottom Bar change the White Balance or Exposure; clicking twice on "Exposure correction on/off" to switch it off and then back on should do the trick.

I'm using FRV to take a quick look at the photos (I've already imported into Lightroom) in order to select and rate and label them. But LR doesn't seem to find all the metadata conflicts! E.g., I've got 101 photos labeled red and 42 starred in FRV, but LR only has 62 red and 16 starred. I tried restarting the software, but nothing changes. How can I force LR to recognize the changes???

If your files are already in Lr catalog, you need to Select All files (in Lr), than Menu - Metadata - Read Metadata from files to update ratings/labels in Lr.

Also, you may find this manual chapter useful:

(section: What happens when you use several applications simultaneously to modify XMP files )


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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