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Dear Sir:

According to one of your previous comments, you use Menu>Select/Batch/Title-Description (so: Preferences - Grid/Filmstrip - Single keys work for multiple files... is NOT checked).

With this setting (separate keys/menu items was introduced in FRV 1.3).

  - Menu - XMP Metadata - Edit Title/Description

  - and/or click to XMP Metadata panel

Will work with file currently being displayed (Single View mode)/highlighted (Grid display)

Select/Batch - Batch set Titile/Description should work with selected files:

   - if single file has selected, this will not display checkboxes for Set Title/Set Description

   - for multiple files: checkboxes will appear.

If 'Single file keys work for multiple files' IS CHECKED (default mode for FRV 1.4/1.5):

  - Menu - Select/Batch is renamed to Menu/Select, any adjustment actions are removed from this menu

  - Menu - XMP Metadata keys (and all buttons) will work with single/multiple file(s) depending on context:

     - in Grid display mode: act on Multiple files if current file is part of selection (there is additional tune for that)

     - in Single File View mode: will act on current file always.

Context (right click) menus on thumbnails

   - if clicked on selected (checkmarked) thumbnail in Grid or Filmstrip: will act on selected files

   - if clicked on not-checkmarked file thumbnail: will act on this single file

   - if clicked on big display in main window: will act on this single file.

I've rechecked Title/Description edits on 1507 build (MacOS 10.9, this should not vary with macOS version) and this works according to description above.

Generally, FRV 1.4/1.5 mode (Single file keys works with multiple files too: checked) is more-or-less similar to Lightroom and other tools behavour: batch in grid view, batch/single depending on context in context menus, single file in 'Single file view'


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team