Batch Set Title/Description not working v1.4.11 Mac OS Mojave


Select a bunch of raw (OLY) images. Menu>Select/Batch/Title-Description. Dialog appears. Enter a title and press OK. But no changes are made, no title appears in XMP Metadata panel (although titles appear for files individually named).

Dear Sir:

Checked with both FRV 1.4.11 and (current up-to-date version) 1.5.2:Title both updated in XMP sidecar file and displayed in XMP Metadata panel.

Could you please try Menu - File - Reload current folder (after changing titles in batch). If Title field changes in XMP Metadata panel after reload, that means that Title was actually written to .XMP sidecar (but internal metadata cache was not updated for some reason), so will narrow problem search

I'm sorry to say that reloading the folder makes no difference. The Title/Description data is saved for the first file only. Not for other selected files.

Dear Sir:

Do you use grid mode (multiple thumbnails in main window), or 'Single view' mode (Big image in main window and thumbnails in filmstrip)?

For Single View mode the bug is confirmed: single image Title/Description function is called. To be fixed in nearest update.


I believe there is a bug here. If I make a multiple selection in the Grid, the Title/Description window displays "Set Title/Description for X Files", and the data is assigned to the selected files. 
But if I make the selection from the Filmstrip, the Title/Description window does NOT display "Set Title/Description for X Files", and the data is assigned only to the first selected file.

Yes, bug in Single View mode confirmed (see my prev. message). We'll notify you (in this message thread) when we'll have fixed version to test.

Dear Sir:

We fixed this bug in FRV 1.5.3-1507. Could you please download this version from and provide us w/ feedback?

I have installed 1507 on MbP running High Sierra and the behavior is the same as I described above. In testing, I also noticed an issue in grid view...
Let's say you have 4 files in the working directory in grid view, and the first one (upper left) is highlighted. You then click the selection checkboxes in the three other images, but but you do not click within any of  the images to hilight one of them (the first image still has the hilight), the Title/Description window does NOT display "Set Title/Description for X Files", and the data is assigned only to the first file (the one that is still hilighted).
Hope this is clear enough. Don't know if this is expected behavior or not. If it is I can live with it as it is no big deal. Just thought you should know about it while you're working to fix this.

Dear Sir:

According to one of your previous comments, you use Menu>Select/Batch/Title-Description (so: Preferences - Grid/Filmstrip - Single keys work for multiple files... is NOT checked).

With this setting (separate keys/menu items was introduced in FRV 1.3).

  - Menu - XMP Metadata - Edit Title/Description

  - and/or click to XMP Metadata panel

Will work with file currently being displayed (Single View mode)/highlighted (Grid display)

Select/Batch - Batch set Titile/Description should work with selected files:

   - if single file has selected, this will not display checkboxes for Set Title/Set Description

   - for multiple files: checkboxes will appear.

If 'Single file keys work for multiple files' IS CHECKED (default mode for FRV 1.4/1.5):

  - Menu - Select/Batch is renamed to Menu/Select, any adjustment actions are removed from this menu

  - Menu - XMP Metadata keys (and all buttons) will work with single/multiple file(s) depending on context:

     - in Grid display mode: act on Multiple files if current file is part of selection (there is additional tune for that)

     - in Single File View mode: will act on current file always.

Context (right click) menus on thumbnails

   - if clicked on selected (checkmarked) thumbnail in Grid or Filmstrip: will act on selected files

   - if clicked on not-checkmarked file thumbnail: will act on this single file

   - if clicked on big display in main window: will act on this single file.

I've rechecked Title/Description edits on 1507 build (MacOS 10.9, this should not vary with macOS version) and this works according to description above.

Generally, FRV 1.4/1.5 mode (Single file keys works with multiple files too: checked) is more-or-less similar to Lightroom and other tools behavour: batch in grid view, batch/single depending on context in context menus, single file in 'Single file view'

Followup: if build 1507 does not works for you as described above, we'll create version with more verbose logging to see what happens in your specific case....

I put a clip here that shows what I am doing/seeing.


According to clip, you have Single file keys works for multiple files too CHECKED (b/c Menu->Select is Select, not Select/Batch).

With this setting CHECKED:

  •  in Single file view mode, Menu - XMP Metatada - any action works with currently opened file only
  • in Grid View: it works on batch if
    • either current /highligted/ file is checked
    • or Preferences - Grid/Filmstrip - If the current file is not.... is set to Both (in that case XMP Metadata actions will act on checked files group PLUS current/highlighted file.
  • context (right click) menu on filmstrip thumbnail (on checked file) works with batch

This repeats behaviour of Lightroom. If you want separate actions for current file/checked files, you may uncheck Single file keys works for multiple files too setting.

And followup: yes, there are bug in file count display (2 instead of real selected count). Really all selected files XMP sidecars are updated, but count in Title/Description dialog is wrong. To be fixed soon.


Ok... I think the light is coming on now. So the only way to batch files from the filmstrip is via the contextual menu?

Two ways:

  1. Contextual menu
  2. Switch to 'separate keys/menus for batch' (uncheck 'Single file keys work for multiple....') and use Menu - Select/Batch - action (the FRV 1.3 way)


"2" in Title/Description changing dialog (instead of true count) is fixed in build 1508:

Greetings, Lexa. Build 1507 works for me in both Grid and Film-strip mode. Thank you for fixing this so promptly. Best wishes, Peter

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