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According to clip, you have Single file keys works for multiple files too CHECKED (b/c Menu->Select is Select, not Select/Batch).

With this setting CHECKED:

  •  in Single file view mode, Menu - XMP Metatada - any action works with currently opened file only
  • in Grid View: it works on batch if
    • either current /highligted/ file is checked
    • or Preferences - Grid/Filmstrip - If the current file is not.... is set to Both (in that case XMP Metadata actions will act on checked files group PLUS current/highlighted file.
  • context (right click) menu on filmstrip thumbnail (on checked file) works with batch

This repeats behaviour of Lightroom. If you want separate actions for current file/checked files, you may uncheck Single file keys works for multiple files too setting.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team