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You may try 'save selection to file' with text editor to match:

  1. Open your folder with selected RAWs
  2. Use select all, than save selection to file. This is simple text file with one full file path per line
  3. Open saved 'selection' file into any text editor; Use global search and replace to replace your raw extension (e.g. CR2 or RAF, I do not know what raw extension is used by your camera) with JPG.

    After that step you'll have text file with JPEG files list.
  4. Make sure you have checked FastRawViewer - Preferences - Grid and Filmstrip - Ignore Folder paths on selection load.
  5. In FastRawViewer navigate to your JPEG folder
  6. Use Menu - Selection - Load selection from file; Load file list edited on step #3
  7. You'll have all JPEGs w/ RAW counterpart selected.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team