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Dear Harry:

Your questions are covered in depth in application manual:  Menu - Help - PDF manual

Here are short answers to get starting points:

1) It is possible to filter files based on filename ('file number'?), selected (marked) status, star rating/color label:

So to mark files for moving into subfolder one may use either  non-permanent selected status ( ) or rating/label ( )

2) To enable sub-folder creation via right-click on folders panel use  Folders panel gear menu:

Also, it is possible to create folder via standard OS dialog while selecting target folder for copy or move.

Also, it is possible to move file/group of files into subfolder of current folder:

3) It is possible to (re-)assign shortuts for any action:

So, if you do not like standard shortcut(s) for any action(s) just re-assign it to the key sequence you like.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team