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Thank you lexa.  I've been using Sessions to group shoots for processing.  I think I could target a particular Session's "Capture" folder as the destination...this just makes me do this for every session ahead of wanting to move my culled selects into it.  C1 catalogs are a possibility but after a decade or more of Aperture 'managed' files in their catalog (aka Library), I believe I want my images in native macOS Finder structure and only referenced, so I need to play a bit with a single C1 catalog before using that.  Yes, I'm aware of C1 only reading the XMP file on import.  I don't believe that would be a problem as I envsion only using FRV first, then sending my selects to C1.
Still, I'd love to see a dedicated YouTube tutorial on just FRV + Capture One workflow(s).

M.A.Stough (Sony A7M4, A99v, A700)