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I'm happy to do it!
A typical day as a nature photographer looks like that, that I photograph most different things with very different camera settings and lenses. E.G.:

  • Flying birds with shutter speeds faster than 1/1000 sec, focal lengths larger than 200mm and my 100-500mm telephoto zoom.
  • Macro/close-up shots e.g. of plants or actual mushrooms, focal length fixed 100mm, 100mm macro lens
  • Long exposure of a brook, river or waterfall, aperture larger F8, exposure time longer than 1/10Sec. Focal length smaller 35mm, with my zoom lens 24-105mm
  • Focus stacking with 20-40 or more pictures in a series, mostly with the 100mm macro lens

Each of the described actions occurs several times in one day and in a sequence that cannot be planned in advance.
After one of these days, there are often 1000 or more photos.

  • With the filter functions I can cull e.g. first by filter all pictures taken with the 100-500mm lens with a shutter speed shorter than 1/1000 sec.
  • Then cull the other actions one after the other.


This way I already work in Lightroom with the disadvantage that I first have to import all 1000 photos in a tedious (and unnecessary) way.
On days when I'm only out with the 100-500mm, for example, I do the culling very efficiently in FastRawViewer, of course!

I hope I could explain you my thoughts sufficiently and I am looking forward to the next steps!
Many greetings