FastRawViewer crash with NVIDIA quadro K620


The new version 1.1 crash at start on my new PC, W7, with a Graphic card  NVIDIA Quadro K620. This for both version, DirectX or OpenGL.
Version 1 works fine on the new PC. Version 1.1 works fine with ATI Radeon HD 5450 on my old PC W7.
The graphics card is the most obvious difference, there is maybe others.
If you need any other information, let my know.
Thanks for help.

Thank you for the bug report.

Graphics subsystem is not changed in FRV 1.1 (compared to 1.0.5), so graphics hardware most likely is not problem source, if 1.0.5 works OK on your machine.

Possible source of problem is one of new features, more likely the Folders panel and its internals (removable media change monitoring).

We've several problem reports with 1.1.0 and preparing next (bugfix) release. Could you please download test version from here: (link wil remain valid for 2-3 days).

If this version will continue to crash on your new computer, we need dump file to inspect.

To create the dump, follow these steps:

 - when Windows dialog informing on program crash occurs, do not close it

 - Open Task Manager (Ctrl-Esc),

 - Find FastRawViewer.exe in process list

 - Right click on it, select 'Create dump file'

The dump file FastRawViewe.DMP will be created in your TEMP folder.  We need this file :), upload it to Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive/any other file sharing service and send us link.

Please contact us via, not in this forum, to not display possibly valuable information (dump files, private test versions) worldwide.

Also, if you use 64-bit version (with crash), could you please test 32-bit version too? It will complain that running 32-bit software on 64-bit machine is not optimal, but this give us very valuable information.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

The proposed solution works. We had a good collaboration to find the solution.
Very good support, fast and efficient.
A. Philippe

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