FastRawViewer .xmp file to Capture NX-D

I am just learning, so please forgive my ignorance . . .
I am intending to use FRV as an initial culling program, including minor adjustments (exposure, white balance, etc).  I then want to open the RAW (Nikon NEF) file by Capture NX-D to make further adjustments.  I've noticed that the RAW file as displayed in Capture NX-D does not include the adjustment(s) made in FRV.  Apparently the .xmp file is not being read by Capture NX-D.  Any thoughts and/or suggestions???

Dear Sir:

Nikon are not supporting xmp files, and I do not see them adding that support.

Hmmm.  Thanks for the info.
Not sure I like that.  I was hoping to use both FRV and Capture NX-D sequentially as described above.  Looks like I will need to come up with another strategy.

Dear Sir:

We see FastRawViewer as a tool that helps to cull raw files, fast; without loading each file into a raw converter for evaluation. XMP is just an added convenience.

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