Can't see camera sd card from within FastRawViewer


I'm a new user, so possible I'm missing something, but when I start FastRawViewer, what comes up in the navigation area are my C: and D: drive. When I connect my camera (Canon 5D), Windows finds it ok and assigns a drive letter to it, but I can't figure out how to navigate to that drive with FastRawViewer. I tried restarting the app, but got the same result. I'm using a MS Surface 3 with Windows 10.

Dear Sir:

Is your camera connecting using PTP/MTP protocol? If it is the case, unfortunately, the direct connection is not supported by FastRawViewer as of now. FastRawViewer requires 'filesystem' access, that is only 'mass storage' devices (cameras etc) will be browsable in FastRawViewer.

If you need this functionality right now, you can try PTPDrive -- or you can use any card reader. Actually we prefer to use readers, because there is always some risk of damaging a camera physically or electronically when having it on the table and connecting to a computer.

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