Zoom ´with mouse left clic

I´m giving a tray to FRV and I like it a lot. Its speed is wonderfull.
I´m trying to personalize FRW to my taste.
I´ll kindly apreciate any help with 3 main problems that I´ve found on FRV:
1) I´d like to know how to toggle zoom with my left mouse clic. I´m surfing through the preferences an d I can´t discover it. At the moment I can do it only with the "Z" key.
2) I´d like to set my default zoom to 75%. I see the actual 100% zoom a bit unapropiate and I like a lot more what I see at 75%. I understand that this 100% is a compromise between speed and quality.
FRW let me choose 50%, 100%, 200% and 300%. ¿Can I customize this?.
3) Can I move from next or previus images using the mouse wheel?
I´m actualy using a MAC version of FRV.
Thank you very much for your kindly help

I´ve discovered a great solution for 1 and 3 probles trough the "Keyboard shortcuts". I can customize some actions adding the left or right mouse buttons. Great!!.

#2: sorry, standard 50-100-200-300 list is not customizable in current version.

Ok. Thank you for your coment.

Looks easy to implement for new users, but big trouble with update for existing users (in settings we store not selected zoom level, but position in standard list).

Another possible solutions is to allow customize of the list itself (via registry editor on WIndows and defaults app on Mac). I'll take look into that tomorrow.

We managed to add 'Custom' option for all three 'Zoom to' levels in latest beta build (1128):

Windows/x64: https://updates.fastrawviewer.com/data/beta/FastRawViewer-

Windows/x32: https://updates.fastrawviewer.com/data/beta/FastRawViewer-

OS X 10.6+ (64 bit): https://updates.fastrawviewer.com/data/beta/FastRawViewer-

After installation, go to  Preferences - Zoom, select 'Custom' in 50..100....300% dropdown, additional input box will appear. Enter you preferred value in it (data range is 10-1000%)

Please provide us w/ feedback.

Followup: if you'll downgrade to older version after you change zoom to custom, this custom zooms will become 300% until you fix it via preferences.

Thank you. I´m going to give it a try...

It´s great!!!
Thank you

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