XMP file for *** cannot be created or updated.


Cannot write to XMP file.
Check card write lock switch, available disk space, and folder access rights.
This message comes up 95% of the time I am using FastRawViewer.
Here's how I'm getting it. I go through and apply a color to the photos I want to keep. I then sort by those that are that color so the others are not displayed. I then have my assistant to cull those photos to a smaller number. She does this by clicking the x next to the color swatches. So if I chose green for photos I sleected, she would then go through all the green tagged photos (they are filtered to only show green) and when she comes across one she doesn't think is up to par, she clicks the x next to the red, yellow, green, blue, and purple color squares. Then this error comes up.
I have updated multiple times since I first purchased the software and it remains. I use SD cards of the PNY and SanDisk brands and usually use 64 gig cards wiht 95 read speed and 90 write speed. I use Canon cameras. The two that I am utilizing most often are the Canon 5Ds and the Canon 5D mark IV. I format the cards in camera before each shoot. I can read from and write to the cards. I can utilize LR without issue.
Can you test this out and see if you get similar results? 

I just checked, and it behaves well here. So I'm afraid that we need some more information from you. Is your assistant using the same computer as you? Is she logged in using the same account (login, passord, priviliges)? Does the issue come to your assistant only, have you tried doing the same operation yourself? Are the files CR2, JPEGs, or a mix? Please use our support e-mail, support@fastrawviewer.com

It's on the same PC (windows 10 64 bit). I have tried it myself as well. Again, it doesn't do it everytime, but if it does it once, it will do it the remainder of the culling process. Each time the X is selected on a file I've applied a color to. Same account, same login... I do the first culling and then hand it over to her. The files are CR2 only. 

Dear Sir:

1) The problem may relate to real 'cannot write' error, because of windows/network access rights. If you and your assistant use different windows logins on the same computer, or you and your assistant are accessing network storage (NAS, etc) from different computers, it is possible that files created by one user could not be modified by another due to access rights setup.

It should not be case for flash cards, because flash cards filesystem (exFAT, FAT32) do not use access rights attibutes, but if you're working with files copied to local drive, or to network drive, this may be cause of the problem.

If the problem is related to access rights:

 - if you're working on the same computer, try to use same login name to see if error gone or not

 - for network setup (two or more computers, network storage, etc) it is not easy to give an advice, because of many possible variants (network login/security options, windows network setup type, etc).


2) If you're working on same computer with same 'login name', there is another possible source of the problem: very small fraction of our users (1 or 2 reports, literally) have reported similar issue while working on single computer/single user. We're unable to determine problem source, but created 'alternate XMP write' method for FRV, that solves this problem for that users. It is 'very rarely used' preferences option, so it made via 'FRV auxillary config scripts'.

To turn this setting on (on Windows computer)

 - Make sure you use FRV at least 1.3.8 or newer.

 - Go to FRV - Menu - Help - Auxillary settings scripts

 - Windows explorer window will open with lot of scripts

 - Navigate to AlternateXMPWrite one and double click it

 - Windows Registry editor will run, you'll need to confirm your actions twice (one on Registry Editor start, one on Registry change)

 - Close FRV and start it again.

3) If Alternate XMP write will not help, please create FRV 'debug log' output:

  - navigate fo FRV - Preferences - Other and change 'Debug log messages' to 'All'

  - reproduce the 'Cannot write to XMP' error by changing rating/labels/etc

  - go to FRV - Menu - Help - Debug log, save it to file and send this file to support@fastrawviewer.com



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks Alex. I will try the script as that seems to be the one option that applies. We are using the same login. This is strictly SD card use - no networked drives or internal SSDs at this point. Just opening FRV, putting the sd card in and applying/removing color tags to the photos.

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