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I downloaded and installed the beta software this evening, and ran the program against a folder with 78 pixel shift sequences in it. All seemed to go okay, and I ended up with 78 .DNG files in my output folder.
My problem? I can't edit the .DNG files. I have tried to import them into Capture One 10, but Capture One doesn't see any files in the folder. I am using the version that only supports Sony cameras, although it will process any .JPG or .TIF, but apparently not .DNG.
So I tried my Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1... And it can't open them either. PS says that the camera is not supported by Camera Raw. Well true, the A7RM3 is not supported by this old version of PS, but this isn't a .ARW file, it's the .DNG file.
The Photos app in Windows 10 actually does open the file, but I can't do anything with it.

Just checked with Capture One in Sony mode: it opens DNGs created with SonyPixelShift2DNG

What exact version of Capture One 10 do you use (Menu - Help - About)?

Camera Raw 6.6 (from Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1 Extended) also opens SonyPixelShift-generated DNG w/o problems:

Dear Sir:

Have you tried using Adobe's own converter over one ARW file to see if your version of Capture One opens it?

What version of ACR do you have in your Photoshop? For CS5 it should be Camera Raw 6.7.1.

I like the SonyPixelShift to DNG beta software.   The resulting DNG files seem to have a better color balance and slightly better dynamic range than the combined files coming out of the Sony Imaging Edge software.  I'd be interested in other opinions, but I like the color rendering in the FRV software better than Sony's.  The Sony result seems to oversaturate the colors and they look a bit fake to me.
Thanks for a great beta program.

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