Side-by-side comparison of images

I just installed the demo version of FRV and I'm really impressed by the superfast management of RAW files.
I only miss one feature that I consider essential, a side-by-side comparison of two or more images.
Is this feature present and I just didn't find it? Or is there any workaround to use a similar feature?

Dear Sir:

This feature was asked by our users for many times. Unfortunately, current FastRawViewer is built around single 'main window' and simultaneous several images display requires deep program internals re-work.

This is scheduled to FastRawViewer 2.x (no ETA right now, definitely not this year).

If it were possible to run separate instances of FRV then a side by side comparison could be made. I do this with Preview on Mac often.

Dear Sir:

Standard Mac apps (including FRV) are single-instance.

It is possible to get around the limit by running FRV executable file from Terminal, as described in our manual: (section: launching several instances)


The recommended method of starting a second instance on MacOS Mojave required a second instance of Terminal but that is easy and that did work.

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