Side-by-side comparison of images

I just installed the demo version of FRV and I'm really impressed by the superfast management of RAW files.
I only miss one feature that I consider essential, a side-by-side comparison of two or more images.
Is this feature present and I just didn't find it? Or is there any workaround to use a similar feature?

Dear Sir:

This feature was asked by our users for many times. Unfortunately, current FastRawViewer is built around single 'main window' and simultaneous several images display requires deep program internals re-work.

This is scheduled to FastRawViewer 2.x (no ETA right now, definitely not this year).

If it were possible to run separate instances of FRV then a side by side comparison could be made. I do this with Preview on Mac often.

Dear Sir:

Standard Mac apps (including FRV) are single-instance.

It is possible to get around the limit by running FRV executable file from Terminal, as described in our manual: (section: launching several instances)


The recommended method of starting a second instance on MacOS Mojave required a second instance of Terminal but that is easy and that did work.

I approve the request from two years ago (Side-by-side comparison of images), that's one of the only thing that miss in this great software.
You said definitely not this year in 2018, what about in 2020 ?

I wish to add my request for a multiple image side-by-side image comparison similar to that in FastStone Image Viewer and XnView MP. These examples contain, for example, the ability to sync zoom and pan for the compared images, something that is impossible when multiple instances of FastRawViewer are tiled for comparison.

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