Using 2 monitor ICC/ICM-profile issue


Hi guys. 
Your app is beatufil - minimalistic and logical, I like it!
But I find some sad issue. There is cool feature that can us enable monitor profile in the Preferences / Color Management menu. But it work correctly  when we have only one monitor in our system. When we have 2 different monitors, also when one of them has color profile, and other doesn't have, - FastRaw use only one of this color profiles (when monitor doesn't have profile it means that it has common sRGB profile) at the same time! So when we open picture with the fisrt monitor - it may be fine, but when we move app window to another monitor the color become wrong! And vice versa.
If you know, the using monitor color profile for photo viewers in Windows 10 is an very actual problem for a lot specialists in the world nowadays, who use wide color gamut monitors like Dell U-series and a user color profile after monitor calibration. This specialists are professinal UI, UX designers (like me), frontend developres, photographers, etc. This is a big problem because default Windows photo viewer "Photo" doesn't support any monitor profiles, and many other viewers too. I just finish a little-big research for this topic, and maybe I will write some arctile for this problem. The best way to fix this problem that I find - restore old Windows 7's "Windows Photo Viewer" in Windows 10 that  supports right monitors profiles (Microsoft, lol) even with 2 or more monitors for each monitor. But I don't like it UX because user can accidentlally delete photo without any request or notice just random clic on delete button.
So, I want chose your app for myself and recommend it to others when you fix this problem. Guys, I hope it will be soon! Thank you a lot

Dear Sir:

yes, FastRawViewer uses single profile, selected on application start: either profile assigned to monitor by operating system, or one specified by user.

Using multiple profiles, especially if FRV window crosses monitor boundary, so part of picture should be displayed using one profile, while another part of image should be displayed using second profile, will slow down things a lot. Switching profiles on the fly (e.g. based on window center position) will also result in slow downs on window move.

We have this feature(s) in our TODO, but no (even approximate) timeframe for that.

Yeah, when I say 2 monitor ICC/ICM-profile I just exacly mean "FRV window crosses monitor boundary, so part of picture should be displayed using one profile, while another part of image should be displayed using second profile". Even if it slows down, this is a very important feature for profeccionals who use 2 (and maybe more) monitors at the same time to create / control color content. So, I think good solution would be special checkbox for users who want to use this feature.
Thank you for your attention and quick reply! I will wait for the implementation of this feature with impatience

I would second that this would be an important features.
Furthermore, I'd like to ask what color management engine is FRV using? The results are quite different from ACDSee, Photoshop or Canon DPP.
Can FRV deal with LUT profiles or only with matrix profiles? I get very bad results on a LUT profile for one of my monitors, the image is all washed out...

FastRawViewer creates own device link LUT to use entirely on GPU side.

Could you please e-mail your LUT profile to ?

Did you receive the LUT profile? Any ideas?

Dear Sir:

Yes, we did, thank you. Profile itself looks normal (and works), but it seems to be from 2011 and might not be carachterizing your monitor accurately. Please send us ( a screenshot of FastRawViewer Preferences - Color Management tab, and screenshots of the main window of FastRawViewer displaying a raw file with colour management set in Preferences to "on" and to "off".

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