FRV hanging forever (consuming ~13% CPU)


Hi folks.  I just bought FRV.  It was running fine for the first few days.   But today it has started hanging consuming about 13% cpu.   Once it gets in this state, it is non-responsive.  The only thing I can do is kill it.   It happens on ANY directory that contains any reasonable (eg. 100s or more) raw files from my camers (Nikon D850 and Sony A7R4).
I'm running Windows 10 64-bit (no updates at all, since I installed FRV).  My system is very powerful (64GB memory, 12 cores).
Things I've tried (none have helped) : chkdsk on all drives, reboot, uninstall and reinstall FRV, delete FRV database file, reset FRV cache, disable FRV disk cache.
Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance for any help.  

Dear Sir:

Please check your e-mail. This is a unique problem, we will need your help to investigate the cause and fix it.

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