MacOS - Selecting with Shift - Any way to change behavior?

I love this app -- however, the select feature is confusing to me. Is there a way to change the select behavior? 
Expected: I click on a photo. I hold shift key. I click on another photo 5 squares away. My expectations are that all squares between the first photo and the last clicked photo are selected.

Actual Result: If no photo had a green checkbox selected, the selected range would start with the first photo in the view to the last picture clicked.

While I can learn this method, it does not adhere to the UI standards I am used to used by other programs. Is there a way to change this in the user options?

Dear Sir:

While developing FastRawViewer we realized that the standard way of selecting files is not to our liking: 

• An accidental mouse click destroys the whole selection 

• The currently displayed file is always included in the selection, and that is not necessarily convenient 

Because of this, in FastRawViewer versions 1.3.0 – 1.4.6 we used a different, free of those inconveniences, method for selecting files; there is a thing with it, however: to add a file to selection one needs either to use Ctrl-Click, or to click on a checkbox in the upper right corner of the thumbnail

Starting with FastRawViewer version 1.4.7, we also support the standard method of selecting files, the same as the one used in Windows Explorer/Mac Finder. To switch to this mode, uncheck the box in Preferences – Grid/Filmstrip – Advanced selection mode: accidental click does not ruin selection

To take advantage of the default mode of selecting files, start the selection with Ctrl-click (Cmd-click if on a Mac). Page 61 of the manual explains it in detail.

For your convenience, FastRawViewer Manual comes with the installation (main Menu - Help - "PDF Manual") and is fully searchable. You can also download it separately from - direct link is

Thank you!!!

This is exactly the functionality I was looking for. Thank you for the quick response.

There may be a minor bug when using this mode:

I create a new subfolder within the folder tree. I select an image, and attempt to drag and drop it. It will not drop onto any folder. If I press M to bring up the system dialog to move to a folder, the file moves. From that point onward, I can drag and drop any file.
If I create a new subfolder, the bug reappears until I hit M to bring up the system dialog. From that point onward, I'm able to drag and drop again.

Dear Sir:

Are you using version 1.6.1, ? If the problem persists with 1.6.1, please contact us via

I am using version 1.7.0 build 1677.

What macOS/Mac OS X version do you use?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I use 10.15.7 (Catalina), but I retract my bug report. As I evaluate this (fantastic!) software, I've been making adjustments to the preferences. Unfortunately, as I've made a lot of preference changes, I am no longer able to reproduce this behavior.

If I find it again, and if I can reproduce it, I'll let you know.

I am very impressed with the responsiveness! I'll definitely be buying this software.

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