Keyboard Input Lost if Same Action applied to 6 or more files


If 6 or more files are selected, and I press 8 (for green flag), keyboard controls no longer work (such as adding 4 stars to the selected files). Keyboard controls are regained if I enter the preferences menu (command + ,) and exit that menu. If changing folders, the keyboard remains unresponsive. When selecting 5 or less files, this does not occur. I've checked this behavior and it's present in v1693, 1665, 1684, the only copies I have on hand.
Use Case: I'm downloading photos from 2020 from my phone. I already have sorted event folders on my hard drive. I wanted to mark already culled photos with green tag, so that when newly added photos from my phone are added to the folder, I can see what pictures were not previously evaluated for culling, as they won't already have the green tag applied.

Could you please specify your operating environment: Mac or Windows, operating system version?


Mac OS Catalina, v10.15.7

Thank you for the information.

I was able to reproduce the issue on Catalina.

Please try this 'quick fix' version:

and provide us with feedback.

Under the hood:  If batch size is 6 or more, FastRawViewer creates progress indicator to show batch progress, but do not displays it until batch operation takes some long time to avoid screen flickering. Probably, this indicator still has keyboard focus on Catalina and all keyboard events are delivered to it.

In this quick fix: progress indicator is disabled only for batch Rating/Color label change, it is still here for other batch operations (namely: batch file copy/move, batch change of Title/Description, batch undo).

If this quick fix works for you, we'll implement such change for all batch operations (in next build)

Thank you - on my initial quick test, it seems this has fixed the issue. I'll report back if I continue to see the behavior in normal day to day use.
Thanks again

Great. We'll implement wider solution (not only bach rating/label set, but all places where progress indicator may raise) and will notify you here when ready.

And here is the new build: [deleted]

In this version:

 - progress dialogs will appear on long batch operations (for copy/move: if set in Preferences; for other batch operations: if the operation takes some long time)

 - this implemented for all batch ops, not only for rating/label change.

Your feedback is always welcome.

I'll be sure to use this version and will let you know if I notice anything of note. 
Thank you for your responsiveness and quick fixes!

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