"write linear curve to XMP files" grayed out


Hi, I am wanting to use neutral settings and have followed the instructions on page 126 of the V2 manual.
But "write linear curve to XMP files" grayed out. How do I enable this option - or is it a bug?
Tried on latest 2.03 release candidate and earlier versions -all have same issue.
Thanks for a great program.

Dear Sir:

Please check that in FastRawViewer Preferences - XMP - "Exposure, Contrast, WB" - "Adobe process version" is set to Version 2 (2010).

yes thank you I have tried all the different adobe process versions and that makes not difference.

Dear Sir:

Could you please follow "Backing up the Settings" procedure, described on
and email the resulting file(s) to support@fastrawviewer.com ?

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