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The Essential Workflow Tool for Every RAW Shooter

Is your RAW converter slow while building 1:1 previews or culling RAW files?

Use FastRawViewer - a great time-saver and an ideal RAW workflow helper.

FastRawViewer opens RAW files extremely quickly and renders them on-the-fly, instead of just displaying embedded JPEGs. It allows a photographer to see the RAW exactly as a converter will "see" it, without any delays or waiting time, guaranteeing the possibility to sort and cull RAW images lightning fast and based on the quality of the RAW itself, not JPEG previews.

FastRawViewer's RAW-based tools (unique ones such as RAW histogram, RAW statistics, Shadow Boost, Highlight Inspection, Focus Peaking, per-channel view, as well as familiar ones like Exposure Compensation, White Balance, Contrast Curves) allow one to estimate what a converter will be able to squeeze from the RAW image data and make preliminary adjustments to the RAW file, which will be read and applied by Adobe converters.

FastRawViewer provides tools for the rating, labeling and sorting photos, and filtering of any number of RAW images.

FastRawViewer supports a variety of RAW, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG formats.

FastRawViewer is very user-friendly and seamlessly integrates into any existing RAW workflow. It is extremely flexible; nearly all of its settings can be tuned and keyboard/mouse shortcuts can be changed according to individual habits and preferences.

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Supported Cameras

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FastRawViewer currently supports:

FastRawViewer Program Window

To Choose Correctly You Need to See a Correct Preview

A JPEG's preview and a JPEG histogram can be very deceptive.

Look below; each of the pictures demonstrates two previews of the same shot – one is an embedded JPEG with a JPEG histogram (left part of the picture) and the other is from the RAW data with a RAW histogram (right part of the picture).

Will you choose to keep the shot, looking only at the left part of the picture?

FastRawViewer azaleas RAW and Embedded JPEG View Compare
FastRawViewer High Dynamic Range Scene RAW and Embedded JPEG View Compare

Other viewers will show just the embedded JPEG or an uncontrolled conversion of a shot (left part of the picture).

Only FastRawViewer displays RAW as the camera captured it and as RAW converters will "see" it (right part of the picture).

For the first time ever, there is a Fast Raw Viewer that will enable you to evaluate exposure

based on RAW data and not on the brightness of some uncontrolled render or embedded JPEG.

Why Bother Shooting RAW

if Culling JPEGs?

What is the possibility of making a mistake when culling RAW shots based on the JPEG previews?

Shooting RAW, and evaluating it based on a JPEG preview is akin to making a definite conclusion about the exact shape of an object based on its shadow on a wall.

Dispelling a Myth:

Viewing RAW is Impossible

This is often used as an explanation as to why it is “only natural” that most image viewers display some render or embedded JPEGs instead of RAW, JPEG-based histogram instead of RAW histogram, and over- and underexposure indicators derived from JPEG previews.

Is it Worth it to Cull

with a RAW Converter?

Using a RAW converter as a culling tool is an extremely time consuming endeavor, not to mention other serious inconveniences, such as uncontrolled collection growth which slow down the overall process and creates constant optimization and maintenance requirements.

Suggested RAW-based Workflow

Suggested RAW-based Workflow

Key Benefits and Features of FastRawViewer

Ingests and Displays RAW

FastRawViewer is the only viewer to work directly with RAW

and not just with an embedded JPEG or an uncontrolled RAW conversion.

Very Comfortable Speed of Browsing through any Amounts of RAW Shots

Works with any file system, access any media from flash card to network server,

with no intermediate catalogues created and no disk space wasted

•  6-15 frames per second

on a modern desktop computer for files from modern digital cameras 16-50 Mpix**

•  30-50 frames per second for CinemaDNG 2.5k

on a modern desktop computer (we used Blackmagic Pocket Cinema files for testing**)

Culling with Confidence. Extremely Fast

Unique features for the rapid and reliable technical evaluation of RAW shots

(in composite and per channel view)

Detect the Over/Underexposed

Areas from RAW Data

FastRawViewer Over- and Underexposure Indication

OE- and UE Indication and Statistics allow for the immediate review of clipped highlights and plugged shadows based directly on RAW data.

Dynamic Range Evaluation

with a Real RAW Histogram

FastRawViewer Raw Histogram

The real RAW Histogram allows one to evaluate whether the dynamic range of the scene on the shot fits within the camera's dynamic range.

Check In-Focus Areas

and Noise in Shadows

FastRawViewer Focus Peaking

Focus Peaking highlights in-focus areas (Edges), and highly detailed areas or areas with high noise level or false details (Details).

Are Shadows Too Deep?

Boost Them!

FastRawViewer Shadow Boost

Shadow Boost allows one to lift shadows and bring out details, or evaluate noise level in shadows. Useful for image presentation and evaluation.

Are Highlights Too Flat?

Check for Details

FastRawViewer Highlight Inspection

Highlight Inspection dims the shadows/midtones, and increases the contrast in the highlights in order to evaluate the details in the highlights.

Per-Channel View

Check Each Channel Separately

FastRawViewer Per-Channel View

Per-Channel View allows one to evaluate the noise level as well as over- and underexposure amount and areas for every channel separately.

Speed Up Image Processing in Adobe Lr/ACR

FastRawViewer allows one to apply adjustments, and records them as XMPs,

providing Adobe converters with a better starting point

Adjust "Exposure":

Overall Image Brightness

FastRawViewer Exposure Correction

Exposure Correction allows one to adjust the overall image brightness; adjustments are recorded in XMP files, so Adobe Lr/ACR will go from there.

Adjust "White Balance":

Overall Image Color

FastRawViewer White Balance

White Balance allows one to adjust the overall image color; adjustments are recorded in XMP files, so there is no need to repeat them in Adobe Lr/ACR.

Adjust Image Contrast:

Apply Tone Curve

FastRawViewer Contrast Curve

A variety of Contrast (Tone) Curves allows contrast control, increasing and decreasing it as necessary for image presentation and evaluation.

To spare your time adjusting series of similar shots (sports, panorama, etc.), FastRawViewer allows one to propagate exposure correction, white balance and contrast curve adjustments made for the first shot to all shots in series.

Immediate Presentation of RAW Shots

Features for on-the-fly visual improvement of RAW images

Instant Image Adjustments:

Brightness, Color, Contrast

FastRawViewer Immediate Presentation of a RAW File

Exposure Correction, White Balance, Contrast Curves, Shadow Boost and Highlight Inspection allow one to adjust the look of the RAW image on the fly.

Want Image to be Sharper?

Try Sharpening for Display

FastRawViewer Sharpening for Display

Two presets for Sharpening for Display allow one to immediately sharpen the image as well as evaluate what can be done in the conversion stage.

Want it in Black and White?

Not a Problem!

FastRawViewer Black and White Preview

Black and White Preview gives one an idea as to how the image will look in black and white. Per-channel view is also available in this mode.

Browse, Filter, Select, Process Multiple or a Single Files

Select and place any RAW file or a group of RAW files wherever you want them to be. Fast and easy

Grid View Mode

or Single File View Mode

FastRawViewer Grid View Mode

One keystroke switches between Grid and Single File View modes. Evaluate the RAW histogram, Statistics and EXIF data for an image - even in the Grid.

Multi-window View Mode

or Single File View Mode

FastRawViewer Multi-window View Mode

Get a detailed look at 2 or 4 images at a time to compare the quality of the shots in the series and copy rendering parameters from one shot to another.

One Thumbnail - Three Views:

Display of RAW and JPEGs

FastRawViewer Toggle RAW, Embedded and External JPEGs

With one click you can switch between RAW, embedded (internal) and external (from the Pair RAW + JPEG) JPEGs together with their histograms.

Select, Move Files to _Selected,

Save, Append or Load Selection

FastRawViewer Selections

Select/deselect from one to all images, move files to a _Selected subfolder, or save/append selection to a file for a later on, and then load it from the file.

XMP Metadata

Assign While Browsing

FastRawViewer XMP Metadata

Ratings and Labels, as well as Titles and Descriptions, are recorded in XMP files and are read and applied by RAW converters that support them.

Single or Multiple Files'

Operations and Processing

FastRawViewer Multiple Files Operations

Rename, assign label and rating, copy, move, rotate, run in an external program or move to _Rejected from one image or up to all images.

Sort and Filter Files:

Content Display and Order

FastRawViewer Sorting and Filtering Files

Displayed files can be filtered using label and ratings combinations. Files can be sorted via different criteria, which are chosen in Preferences.

Zoom in on the Details:

Zoom, Pan, Drag

FastRawViewer Zoom and Pan

To see a specific part of the displayed image one can zoom in and out on it (as well as view it in actual size and fit it to the window), and pan and drag.

Want the Image Area Bigger?

Use Full Screen Mode

FastRawViewer Full Screen View

To increase the image area use full screen mode. All panels can be closed (the Tab key toggles them open and close) or moved onto another monitor.

Fully Customizable Working Environment

Tune FastRawViewer to fit your habits, needs, and preferences

Need to Change Settings?

Preferences are User-Friendly

FastRawViewer Preferences

Use Preferences to adjust interface, tune functionality settings according to your tasks, and increase performance of FastRawViewer.

Used to Different Shortcuts?

Change or Upload

FastRawViewer Keyboard Shortcut Editor

Check the Keyboard Shortcuts Editor to set shortcuts for actions or download sets, which simulate the shortcuts of some widely-used applications.

Customize Panels To Display

Only What You Want to See

FastRawViewer Choose EXIF Data to Display

Every panel or bar appearance or displayed fields can be customized using Preferences or a little gear icon at the top right/left corner of a panel/bar.

What Experts Say about FastRawViewer...

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The license allows you to use the software on two (2) computers simultaneously.

The same License Key is valid for both Windows and OS X platforms.

* For Sigma Foveon cameras, raw viewing is not supported.

** Testing was performed on desktop computer with i7-7700K CPU @stock clock rate, 32GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1080 GPU and a fast SSD NVMe drive, with a mix of shots from cameras launched between 2014-2018.

We recommend fast SSD drives for peak performance.


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