DPRSplit version history

DPRSplit Beta 0.9 beta: Canon EOS R5 support

In this version of DPRSplit we've added initial support for Canon EOS R5 camera:

  • tested only on very limited samples set
  • EXIF/Makernotes data records are not stored into output DNGs (metadata format is very different in CR3 files, so not directly mappable into DNG files).
DPRSplit Beta 0.9.0

DPRSplit Beta 0.8.4: Now with Initial Support for Canon CR3 Format

In this versions of DPRSplit we've added initial support for Canon CR3 format (Canon EOS R):

  • It has only been tested on a very limited sample set;
  • EXIF/Makernotes data records are not transferred to output DNGs (CR3 files store metadata differently, in a way that is not directly mappable to DNG files).
DPRSplit Beta 0.8.4

DPRSplit Beta 0.8: File Splitter for Canon 5D Mark IV / Dual Pixel Raw files

Canon 5D Mark IV's sensor has a somewhat unusual pixel arrangement: each pixel is composed of two subpixels. If Dual Pixel RAW mode is enabled in the camera, the resulting CR2 file contains two images, or two frames: one composite, made from reading both subpixels, summed; and the other is made out of one set of subpixels.

In essence, in Dual Pixel Raw mode, the camera records into one file some equivalent of two shots, bracketed by (approximately) 1 EV.

The DPRSplit application is intended to extract this additional frame out of the CR2 taken in Dual Pixel RAW mode, and save it as a DNG. Resulting DNG files can then be opened and processed in (practically) any raw converter featuring DNG support.

DPRSplit Beta 0.8.2
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