DNG thumbnails - preview not available


DNG thumbnails are not shown anymore. The full preview works but not thumbnails.
I think that the previuos version showed the thumbnails, so I'll have to go back to the previous one, until this is sorted out, or am I making some mistake?

Ah I see it is corrected in the new beta version, so I upgraded the app the beta and now it works!

Dear Sir:

Thank you for letting us know it works now. Your feedback and bug reports are most appreciated.

Many thanks for the fast reply... Although there is something else I now noticed - thumbnails are way more saturated than the full image preview... I tried with all settings (prophoto , adobe rgb and srgb) - they are always strongly more saturated...

Dear Sir:

Could you please upload the original dng files to some service (Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer are some of the free ones) and email the links to support@fastrawviewer.com - we will have a look and see if we can fix it?

Dear sir,
I've just sent you the link,

Dear Sir: It looks like the embedded preview (TIFF) is processed with a bit higher contrast in the camera, thus it looks more saturated in viewers. What colour space is your camera set to, is it sRGB or Adobe RGB?

How is your colour management set in FastRawViewer?

I set everything to sRGB , and it is also sRGB in camera. But the question is: In your thumbnails, do you show embeded thumbnail, or do you render thumbnail from the image itself? If you show embeded thumbnail, than that can explain it, because that empeded thumb is made with in-camera (landscape - that I set) settings.
What I presumed is that you do not show that embeded thumbnail - because it is spoiled with in-camera image settings, I thought you show thumb that you recreate from the big image without any in-camera settings... or am I wrong?

Dear Sir:

We display the embedded thumbnail.

Ok, thanks, that explains the difference...

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