New user, a couple of questions

Hi Guys
Currently using photomechanic but have found the latest version (6) to be slower and clunky compared to version 5 so im now trialing FRV, I have a few questions.
Is there a quick search function so I can imput a file number or multiple numbers and bring the images up and then drop in to a folder.
Is there a way to tag photos using the keyboard while scrolling through culling images, such as hitting the "T" key then when at the end have all the tagged images displayed so they can be dropped into a folder.
Is it possible to make sub folders on my desktop or external drive direct from the FRV interface, for instance clicking on "desktop" with a mouse in the left pannel and create a sub folder so I can then drag and drop selected images into the folder and move folders around from the left pannel, for instance drag and drop a folder from desktop to external drive.
One of the things I currently use photomechanic for is onsite printing, I use it on viewing screens and customers scroll through images tagging there favourites, I then create a folder and drop there selection in the folder so they are saved for them.  Then they select what they want printed from the favourites.
Best Wishes

Dear Harry:

Your questions are covered in depth in application manual:  Menu - Help - PDF manual

Here are short answers to get starting points:

1) It is possible to filter files based on filename ('file number'?), selected (marked) status, star rating/color label:

So to mark files for moving into subfolder one may use either  non-permanent selected status ( ) or rating/label ( )

2) To enable sub-folder creation via right-click on folders panel use  Folders panel gear menu:

Also, it is possible to create folder via standard OS dialog while selecting target folder for copy or move.

Also, it is possible to move file/group of files into subfolder of current folder:

3) It is possible to (re-)assign shortuts for any action:

So, if you do not like standard shortcut(s) for any action(s) just re-assign it to the key sequence you like.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you, I have most of it sorted now.  Can you tell me if multiple image numbers can be seached from the lookup file pannel or can only one image be searched at a time. I have tried typing in more than one image number with a space between such as 1234 2345 6789 but the search then brings up no results.

Filename filtering panel accepts:

  • substring
  • glob (like dsc12*.arw)
  • regular expression (regular expressions are detected by the / symbol prefix)

So to limit display to 1234 OR 2345 OR 6789 use:  /1234|2345|6789


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

|Thank you that has worked and I have now purchased purchased the software 

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