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Dear Sir:

Stars under the thumbnail are 'two state' (present or not), this is information-only GUI items, reflecting XMP rating of a given image file.

Stars (and color label buttons) in XMP Metadata panel are more complex, there are four possible states:

  • Single file is selected
  • Multiple files are selected
    • all files in the selected group have the same rating (color label)
    • they different rating
    • file name conflict is present, and that prevents creating XMP sidecars for selected files (e.g. file.DNG and file.CR2 are selected: no way to assign XMP sidecar for both files).

So, yes, GUI items are different in Grid/Filmstrip star indication and in XMP Metadata panel buttons.

Details are descripbed in the Manual (see 'Alternate mode' section, this mode will be the default one starting with FRV 1.4.6)



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team