Operations with Multiple Files

To mark a file for group operations in Grid View (or in the Filmstrip), you can do one of the following:

  • Ctrl-Click on the file preview thumbnail.
  • Set a checkmark in a checkbox in the upper-right corner of the preview thumbnail (the checkbox appears for the files that are currently unmarked when you hover a mouse over its preview; the checkbox is permanently visible for those files which are already marked).
  • Shift-Click in Grid View/Filmstrip selects a consecutive group of images:
    • the images selected start from the last one whose selection status was changed (using Ctrl-Click or the keyboard), and go up to the one that was Shift-Click'ed
    • if there is no image whose selection status was changed (like it is in the cases when the last-clicked file was moved, or a new working folder was selected), the Shift-Click operation uses the first file instead; the selected range starts with the first file and goes to the one that was Shift-Click'ed

      (the behavior of Shift-Click can be changed through the hidden setting ShiftClickSelectionMode, see the “Additional Setting” section below).
  • Through the actions in Menu – Select/Batch
    • (De)select current file – reverses the mark status.
    • (De)select and move to next – reverses the mark status and navigates to the next file.
    • Select All, Invert Selection, Deselect All.
    • Select by Rating/Label – marks files based on their labels/ratings.
    • Save Selection to file – saves the list of marked files to a text file on the disc.
    • Load/Append selection from file – loads the list of marked files from the previous bullet and marks the corresponding files for the load operation or adds to the list of the currently-marked files for the append operation.

The previews of the marked files have a different background color:

This color can be changed through Preferences – Interface – Selected files background.

With a group of marked files, one can preform all of the operations that can be done with a single file:

  • Changing orientation.
  • Settings labels and ratings.
  • Copying to another folder.
  • Moving to another folder.
  • Passing to an external program.
  • “Deleting” (moving) to the _Rejected subfolder.

To preform these actions, you can use the corresponding menu items either from

  • Menu – Select/Batch menu.
  • Context menu (activated by right-clicking on any of the marked files):

If some files with the same name (but different extensions, such as CR2 / DNG pair) are highlighted, then the operations to change the orientation or to change / set ratings or labels will be disabled: it is impossible to apply such operations over a pair of files files with the same name and different extensions, because for such a pair only one XMP file can exist:

To allow XMP operations, disable the setting "XMP settings - Disable batch XMP operations if files with same name are selected". If it is turned off, the XMP files will be created for all selected files, but because of the name conflict only the last recorded file will contain actual data.