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Dear Jack,
Thank you for your kind words.
The way FastRawViewer works with monitors is pretty straightforward:
 1) Screen geometry is checked only upon the launch
 2) If the saved position of the main window is out of the visible area (for example, the second monitor is off), the main window is moved to the visible area, otherwise the saved position is restored.
 3) Panel (tab) positions is not checked because they can be always put in place using Menu - Panels - "Move all to dock"
 4) While FastRawViewer is running, changes in geometry (including the number of monitors) are not traced inside FastRawViewer, if one of the monitors is switched off, the main window will be re-positioned by the OS.
Currently we don't have plans to make this scheme more sophisticated, as switching monitors off during the session in FastRawViewer is a rare practice.