FRV gets confused when switching from two to one monitor mode and back


1) Set up FRV for two monitors in Windows 10 'Extend' mode, with tabs tiled on monitor 1 and the main window on monitor 2
2) Close FRV
3) Switch Win 10 to one monitor mode, 'PC Screen Only'
4) Open FRV, the main window will now show underneath the tabs as previously set up in monitor 1
5) This is not practical so switch Win 10 to two monitor 'Extend' mode and drag the main window to monitor 2
6) Click on an item in the bottom bar on monitor 2 (e.g. white balance), the relative menu will show in monitor 1
This is an issue for people like me that sometimes open FRV in Win 10  'PC Screen Only' and sometimes in 'Extend' mode.
Thanks for a great product.

Dear Jack,
Thank you for your kind words.
The way FastRawViewer works with monitors is pretty straightforward:
 1) Screen geometry is checked only upon the launch
 2) If the saved position of the main window is out of the visible area (for example, the second monitor is off), the main window is moved to the visible area, otherwise the saved position is restored.
 3) Panel (tab) positions is not checked because they can be always put in place using Menu - Panels - "Move all to dock"
 4) While FastRawViewer is running, changes in geometry (including the number of monitors) are not traced inside FastRawViewer, if one of the monitors is switched off, the main window will be re-positioned by the OS.
Currently we don't have plans to make this scheme more sophisticated, as switching monitors off during the session in FastRawViewer is a rare practice.


Thanks for your feedback.  FYI this comment was about switching monitor mode from 'Extended' to 'PC Only' in between FRV sessions (i.e. with FRV closed, not during a session), per the oultined steps.

Dear Jack,

But it is pretty much the same. FastRawViewer attempts to restore the main window, and if it is not possible, the main window is pulled to the available monitor. The panels/tabs need to be re-positioned using Menu - Panels - "Move all to dock".

I understand.  The next time you are in 'Extended' mode you have to manually move all the panels back to monitor 1 though.  Why not have a '1/2 display' toggle that switches and remembers settings for both cases?  Or put the main image in its own window and allow users to move it to the second display, like PS does.
Just a suggestion, not criticizing your fine piece of software, which I like a lot.

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