FRV and Adobe DeNoise AI DNGs


There is an issue with DNG files created by Adobe software with DeNoise AI (LrC, ACR) when viewed in FRV.
This DNG files contain original Bayer pattern RAW data as a backup along with denoised linear DNG data.
When viewed in FRV, that original CFA Bayer RAW data is displayed and it looks exactly like original RAW from which this DNG was derived (no denoise at all).
If I use DNG converter to convert this DNG to new DNG and set compatibility for ACR 7.1 - this backup CFA Bayer RAW data is stripped off and only denoised linear RAW is left in the output DNG file - then FRV correctly shows denoised image.
Is this a bug or intended behaviour?
Or am I missing something and there is a way to show different image if multiple images are stored in one file?

We ask to include FastRawViewer version, please see the

FastRawViewer 2.0.8 Build 2011
Windows 10 22H2 x64

TEST.CR2 - original image from Canon EOS 5D III
TEST-NR.DNG - DNG after DeNoise AI of TEST.CR2 in LrC
TEST-NR-CONVERTED.dng - DNG after convertion of TEST-NR.DNG using Adobe DNG Converter with compatibility set to ACR 7.1
Expectation: TEST-NR.DNG and TEST-NR.DNG should look the same and show denoised image
Reality: TEST-NR.DNG looks the same as TEST.CR2 without visible denoise results, TEST-NR-CONVERTED.dng looks correct.

Correction (file name corrected):
Expectation: TEST-NR.DNG and TEST-NR-CONVERTED.dng should look the same and show denoised image

The option you are looking for is promoted to Preferences in FastRawViewer 2.0.9:

New option in Preferences - Image display: Apply DNG OpcodeList2/3 tags

No processing: do not process Opcodes 2/3
JPEG/JPEG-XL compressed: process Opcodes mentioned only for files compressed via JPEG/JPEG-XL compression methods (default value)
All DNG files: process these Opcodes for all DNG files with such tags present.

Opcodes2/3 are used for JPEG/JPEG-XL files linearization (so, processing for such files is mandatory to get right rendering) and for lens correction (such processing is optional, while time consuming)
New option in Preferences - Image display: Display DNG Enhanced images: if set, Enhanced (high resolution/improved) frame will be displayed for DNG files with such sub-image. If not set: source RAW will be displayed.
DNGShowEnhancedImage/DNGShowStandardImage hidden settings scripts are removed.

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