Fast Raw viewer hangs


Fast raw viewer 1.3.3 Release bild 948(X64-directX9)
RAW files viewed: ARW, DNG, RW2
Windows 7 Service pack 1, Intel Core i/-2600K
When viewing files program hangs after some minuttes, not able to kill it via. Task Manager (process / applications), need to reboot windows and sometimes force shutdown (hold power button 5 secs). Hangs more after update to newest version.  Program is using approx. 1 GB. memory when it hangs.  Not running any other viewing software at time of hang. 
Using registred version

Dear Sir:

Where are the raw files located, please? External drive, card reader, network, local drive? How many raw files are there in the folder?

They are located on internal drives, both SSD and ordinary HD. There are from 30 to 1000 files in the folders.

Dear Sir:

Could you please run disk diagnostics?

I can try that tomorrow but it is only fast raw which have these issues and program hangs when accessing files on physical different harddrives. While lightroom does not have these error when accesing the files.

Dear Sir:

Would be good to run the disk check, to be sure. Do you have any other, non-raw files in those folders? Is the freeze repeatable? Have you noticed any specific actions that result in the freeze?

Not recognized any specific actions, and hang after varied usage time and on folders with different file formats. However all folders only have one specific image format in them, ie dng and rw2 not mixed in folders. However, some folders have movie files in them.

Dear Sir:

 What type of movie files? Does it freeze with folders not containing movie files?

Dear Sir:

'unable to kill' a frozen program via Task Manager means that the program halted somewhere within the hardware drivers.

There are two suspects:

 - graphics hardware

- or hdd/ssd subsystem.

If your hdd/ssd is OK, there is a very small chance that the problem is related to the storage subsystem, so the most probable place where it's freezing is the graphics hardware/drivers.

Is it correct, and are you using an on-CPU (i7-2600) GPU? If so, please make sure that you have the latest graphics drivers installed (here is the link to latest drivers: )

If your graphics hardware is not on-CPU but an external graphics card (NVidia/AMD), please make sure that you are using the latest drivers.

If the driver update does not help, try switching the FRV graphics engine to OpenGL. To do so, go to Preferences - GPU Processing - Graphics engine and restart FRV, or use the method described in in Manually Changing Graphics Modes section

If the graphics driver update/mode change does not help, we need a detailed 'program dump' for analysis. To create it:

 - wait until the next time FRV freezes

 - Open Task Manager

 - Find FastRawViewer.exe in the process list

 - Right click on it

 - select 'Create Dump file' from menu.

FastRawViewer.DMP will be created in your TEMP folder. Share it with us ( using a Dropbox / Google drive or any free file transfer service (WeTransfer, for example).


Sorry for late update, I have updated the GFX drivers and after using it a while more I have found out that it hangs when using my 4K monitor. Thats on duel display:
 - 1920 *1080 do not hang,
 - 3840 *2160 hang often, with images from different physical harddrives, do not hang with OpenGL
So I will try to continue to use it with OpenGl and report back if crashing continues. 
Thanks for good and informative answers, I have been away therefore I have responded late. 

Thank you for letting us know.

Our 'buggy graphics driver knowledge base' has +1 record :(


according to Intel:

Maximum supported resolution for HD3000 video (built-in into your CPU) is 2560x1600.

hmm what does that actually mean, I have a GFX card which supports 4K (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970), and the resolution is 4K (i.e. monitor is at native resolution).  And only raw viewer hangs, DOTA 2, Lightroom, Photoshop etc all run fine.  But I have might have forgotten to mention I have a dedicated GFX card :(. My GeForce driver is 372.70 and I am running it on a stationary PC. 

Sorry, you do not mention GTX970 anywhere in above messages, so we assumed that you use processor GPU. We'll change our 'buggy database' to GTX970.

What exact driver version do you use?

BTW, I switched to Windows 8.1 just before monitor update to 4k and I use GTX970 too. This combo (Win8.1, GTX970, FRV) works fine in both OpenGL and DirectX modes.


According to Device manager
According to Nvida GeForce Experience 372.20, relese date 30.8.2016



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