Move the raw file to _Rejected, but retain the jpeg?

I have my camera set to take raw and to generate a jpeg. Sometimes, in FRV, I'd like to get rid of a raw file and move it to the _Rejected subdirectory, but for the sake of remembrance, retain the corresponding jpeg file. Is it possible to do so?

If you use Preferences - RAW+JPEG - Handle RAW+JPEG together checked, than RAW and JPEG are handled as 'single' file (with multiple views: raw, embedded JPEG, external jpeg) and moved/rejected/copied together

If you uncheck this setting, you'll see two files separated and can move/copy/reject only RAW or only JPG file.

Thank you lexa, that works, but I should have been clearer in my question -- I'd like to have FRV display only the raw image files, but when an unwanted raw file is moved to the _Rejected folder, I would like to have the option of moving either only the raw file or both the raw file and its accompanying jpeg (the one from my camera). I hope this make sense.
Or would it be better to separate the raw and jpegs into separate folders before the raws are even examined? (I should have thought about this earlier.)
Thanks again.


Sorry, no such option.

FRV may join RAW+JPEG for all operation (view, copy,ove), or not join; There is no 'subfile specific' file operations for joined case.

Thank you lexa. I will resort to putting the jpegs in a separate folder before reading the raw files into FRV. (That may not be my "permanent" solution; I'm still working on improving my workflow.)


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