FRV for IOS?

Hi, Just wondering if you are considering implementing/porting FRV onto the IOS platform.  Reason for asking is that the just announced iPad Pro 10.5 plus IOS11 now gives us a tablet device that will be really capable (USB 3, Storage capacity, processing power) for serious use as a travel device in place of a laptop.  FRV is my goto software for managing and revieing photos while travelling.  I'm seriously now looking at retiring my Macbook for travel and shifting to the iPad pro as a single lightweight option.  

Dear Sir:

We are currently focused on the development for notebooks and desctops, but we are considering testing on new mobile devices.

Just to add to the above request, I think there’d be a big market for an iOS version. There are very limited options available and like many people I like to travel with iPad only. Just about to buy a new iPad Pro which has plenty of power. 
cheers, Nic

I echo what's been said above. An IOS version has even stronger appeal to me than the desktop version. Make no mistake the desktop version is great but I see it as an enhancement to my workflow whereas the IOS version is needed to fill a gap.

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