FRV for IOS?

Hi, Just wondering if you are considering implementing/porting FRV onto the IOS platform.  Reason for asking is that the just announced iPad Pro 10.5 plus IOS11 now gives us a tablet device that will be really capable (USB 3, Storage capacity, processing power) for serious use as a travel device in place of a laptop.  FRV is my goto software for managing and revieing photos while travelling.  I'm seriously now looking at retiring my Macbook for travel and shifting to the iPad pro as a single lightweight option.  

Dear Sir:

We are currently focused on the development for notebooks and desctops, but we are considering testing on new mobile devices.

Just to add to the above request, I think there’d be a big market for an iOS version. There are very limited options available and like many people I like to travel with iPad only. Just about to buy a new iPad Pro which has plenty of power. 
cheers, Nic

I echo what's been said above. An IOS version has even stronger appeal to me than the desktop version. Make no mistake the desktop version is great but I see it as an enhancement to my workflow whereas the IOS version is needed to fill a gap.

Would dearly loves an IOS version please, like others travel makes it an ideal companion.

Ditto!  Please, please, please create an IPad version for FRV.  It's been an essential part of my workflow for several years, used before importing photos to Lightroom.  My workflow is shifting to the IPad as my first culling platform in the future so if FRV doesn't offer the capability, I'll eventually have to find to another IPad-based app that does work as my initial culling tool.   I love FRV and would hate to see people stop using it in the future because it's not available for IOS.  


FastRawViewer is a power-hungry (literally, eats battery) and processor/graphics hungry application. It works with raw files, not just with embedded JPEGs, and it needs to be, ahm..., fast. So we need the hardware to be up to the challenge. iPads will be there, eventually.

That sort of sounds like you are not considering this any time soon then?  Mobile processors are only incrementally improving now and Apple don’t seem to be shooting ahead with iPad development.  It looks like a mature product now.  My latest 10.5” iPad Pro is a pretty swift bit of kit now and I barely see a difference against a MacBook 12”.  And the MacBook, even with its low power processor runs FRV very nicely though I do notice that Raw handling on it with FRV or other progs like Lightroom makes it warmer and uses battery.  

Dear Sir:

It's not about us. We simply don't know Apple plans.

Hope you are working on this topic. My iPad pro have a very good performance (LR work very well) and can now read directly from SD card or external harddrives. Importing all pictures to Lightroom take time like on a desktop and FRV would be very usefull for culling before import to LR.

Dear Sverre,

There is a huge difference between working on one image in Lightroom or browsing embedded JPEGs - and browsing at least 5 raw images per second, like we need for FastRawViewer.

Have you tried Adobe Bridge for iOS? Even given it uses embedded JPEGs for browsing, I'm afraid it isn't released on iOS yet.

I am also looking for iPad option since this will be helpful to do initial round of curling during travels.
I am not planning to take laptop for travels

Now when I shoot photos in my work trips, I come home and sort pics, copy them to cloud and process some of them with iPad version of Affinity Photo on next work trip. It would be great for me and my customers if I could sort pics directly from SD to iPad and start my post-processing.

So. . . FRV runs great on my M1 Mac Mini. The M1 iPad Pro is literally the same processor/RAM/SSD. I get that development for a new platform can difficult/expensive but at least lack of power is not a valid excuse anymore ;-)
Thanks for a great app! (hope to run it on my iPad Pro someday soon)

Agree, it's a promising platform.

In any case, it should be a very different application, direct port of (keyboard / mouse oriented) FRV most likely won't work for Apple Store, + many other unknowns (heat, battery life, etc)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I'd buy it :)

I'd like to buy it, too. FRV is the only reason I keep bringing my laptop on the trip.

I'm really, really looking forward to an IOS M1 iPad Pro release. I would purchase it in an instant.

I'm really, really looking forward to an IOS M1 iPad Pro release. I would purchase it in an instant.

I would also instantly buy FRV for my iPad. I can't even open my D850 nefs currently. We need a good viewer.

There is currently no solution on the market that let's me put my (backed up) sd card into my iPad and do a first round or ratings and cullings (on the sofa) before taking the sd card to my desktop for import, RAW processing and editing.
It's a very simple request and I imagine the market for it is significant. Doesn't need much power or processing power.

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