xmp color labels not conforming to language setting in Lightroom CC V8.0


Hi there!
I am using Adobe LR Classic CC 8.0 and FRV 1.4.9 (great tool BTW! I just noticed an interoperability problem regarding color labels assigned by FRV. Language settings seem to be an issue here.
xmp file excerpt (the line numbers are not really in the file) written by LR:
019 xmp:CreatorTool="ILCE-7RM3 v1.01"
020 xmp:ModifyDate="2018-10-26T14:29:56"
021 xmp:CreateDate="2018-10-26T14:29:56"
022 xmp:MetadataDate="2018-11-26T15:47:30+01:00"
023 xmp:Label="Rot"
024 xmp:Rating="4"
xmp file excerpt written by FRV with settings LR default:
019 <xmp:CreatorTool>ILCE-7RM3 v1.01</xmp:CreatorTool>
020 <xmp:ModifyDate>2018-10-26T14:29:56</xmp:ModifyDate>
021 <xmp:CreateDate>2018-10-26T14:29:56</xmp:CreateDate>
022 <xmp:MetadataDate>2018-11-26T15:40:50+01:00</xmp:MetadataDate>
023 <xmp:Label>Red</xmp:Label>
024 <xmp:Rating>4</xmp:Rating>
LR language set to English in the preferences. Nevertheless the German "Rot" is used in the xmp file. I will definitely raise the issue with Adobe. I am just wondering if there is a tweaking possibility to wite also "Rot" in FRV as a workaround
FYI: If I manually change "Red" to "Rot" in the xmp file the label is properly shown in LR.
Regards Fritz

Dear Sir:

You can set custom names for the labels in FastRawViewer: Preferences – XMP – "Ratings & Labels" – "XMP Label Style" : Custom; and enter the names, "Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple" -> "Rot, Gelb, Grün, Blau, Lila".

The problem with German version of Lightroom setting the label names in German even if the interface is switched to a different language is a known one, and Adobe might have a valid justification for doing it this way. It is one of the cases when any solution has its inconveniences.

Thanks for the quick answer. This works very well!
Regards, Fritz

Dear Sir:

Thank you. We have an article suggesting the methods of sorting photos we use ourselves, it includes dealing with ratings and labels: https://www.fastrawviewer.com/howtos/sorting-photos

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