Open in Subfolder Mode - Top left photo auto-selecting upon scroll


Hello! I've found two minor bugs using Mac OS X build 1.7.4 1731 x64 when using open folder in subfolder mode:

Bug 1:
I am attempting to organize a very unorganized /2018 folder. I am using a recurse depth of 6 with a limit of 2000 folders and 500,000 files. The actual depth of the 2018 tree averages 2 to 3 folders deep. When a photo is selected, and then the user scrolls down and stops, the top left photo is auto-selected.
This seems to only occur when set file sort order = EXIF timestamp (
Bug 2:
In the same conditions as the prior scenario, when a user selects "move to" and several photos are selected, the program moves the files to the new folder (in this case, I'm selecting a folder outside the recursed folder tree, so the new destination is not part of the recursed view). However, the photos still appear in the grid view, despite it no longer being anywhere within the recursed folder tree.
I could submit logs, but i imagine the log would be substantial: the recursed view has 25,984 files.

#1 Please confirm:  do you use Preferences - Grid/Filmstrip - Advanced selection mode, or it unchecked?

#2: Subfolder mode uses fixed filelist which is not refreshed: refreshing list for '2000 folders/500000 files' may be too long.

Because of that, move files should be entirely disabled in Subfolder (and other special) browse modes, while we forgot to disable it entirely, only Menu - File-Move submenu is disabled (and also Move to Rejected/Selected), whle some shortcuts are still working. To be fixed ASAP.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team


#1 if you're working with large subfolder(s) and EXIF timestamp sort order is used, you may need to wait until full metadata read for all your files (indicated by green progress bar in Sort/Filter panel). While metadata read is in progress, FRV will resort current file list each several seconds. If File Handling - Scroll to selected image... setting is checked, FRV will re-position to the same file on resort. Also, you may need to increase Performance - Thumbnail cache - Metadata cache to have reserved space for all your files being browsed.

Please make sure you're experience Bug#1 in stable mode, not while metadata being read.

#2  1.7.4-1732 fixes the 'move shortcuts still working in special modes', download links updated in announce:


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Advanced Selection Mode is not selected. In addition, I do wait for the metadata read to complete.
As for #2 - understood. I was using the move feature to go through my photo backlog to remedy poor cataloging techniques prior to having a tool like FRV for organization. I'll click into each folder individually as a workaround. 

And another question: how do you scroll?  Is that mouse wheel or trackpad, or mouse cursor on scrollbars, or keyboard (Pg Up/Dn) scroll?

Also interested: your macOS version (so, FRV Legacy or 'normal' version)?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Another followup:  bug#1 reproduced, you may not answer on previous questions (macos version, how do you scroll).

I'll reply in this thread when we'll have fixed version (I guess we may need 2-3 days for that)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

And another followup:

As a temp solution: uncheck the  Preferences - File Handling - (Sorting and Filtering group) - Scroll to selected image while filtering/metadata being read

For some (unknown for now) reason, FRV re-sorts the data frequently, returing you to the selected image.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you again for your problem report (#1). In our tests, the problem appears if:

  1. There is some broken file in displayed set (indicated as hourglass icon instead of preview or 'decoding error' or 'no preview' icon(s)
  2. Sort order is set to EXIF timestamp (probably XMP rating sort will act same way).

Here are fixed versions:

macOS 10.12-11.x:


Could you please test it and provide us w/ feedback.

If you need other builds (e.g. macOS/Legacy) please notify us.

The problem was caused by non-stopping re-reading of broken files in hope it is downloaded now and becomes correct. Fixed version will re-read same (broken) file several times than marks it as completely broken/no retry (until forced folder reload). Each re-read attempt results in file resort and 'scroll to selected file on resort' if this option is checked.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you. I'll give this a try and will let you know if I continue to see the behavior!

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