FRW and Lr ,, some doubts

I´m new to FRW, I found it usefull but have some questions about ratings, rejections and XMP..
I have to review/cull some large folders already imported to Ligthroom, mostly without XMP,,  and ofcourse revewing them with FRW is really faster,  part of the photos are already developed in Lr and I dont whant to mess with them.
When reviwing with FRW I often have to use Shift+S and or Shift+H because of wide dinamic range situations (this works fine!!),, then I mark as rejected or rate them with a * my keepers.. (what would be the P flag equivalent?)
back to lightroom I see the (!) mark in the pictures telling me about the XMP or other software modifications,,  If I sync folder, rejected files didnt get the (x) mark in Lr, I hoped it to :( ... (now I know how to move them to the _rejected folder and then sync and reimport) this is not bad so far..
Big question is what will hapend to already developed files IF I scan for metadata updates? are Sihft+S/A/H changes saved to XMP? that would destroy my previous work !?
which are labels and ratings equivalences to Lr? rejection is not equivalent to X flag in Lr.. ( X and P are my most used ones).
my bests...

Dear Sir:

For reasons unknown, XMP:Rating=-1 (Reject) is used only by Adobe Bridge. Lightroom reject flag is internal to the Library mode, it is not imported from XMP neither it is exported to XMP files.

To match XMP Labels between FRV and Lightroom please check that you have the same XMP Label styles in both programs.

In Lightroom, Label style is set in Menu - Metadata - Color label set  (Adobe Bridge/Color labels/Review Status/Custom).

In FRV,  XMP Label style is set via Preferences - XMP - XMP Label style (Adobe Bridge/Lightroom Color Labels/Lightroom Review Status/Custom).

You may find useful

You can set XMP files to read-only access in FastRawViewer Preferences -> XMP pane, and check "Read Only XMP" – this turns on the mode where XMP files are read by FastRawViewer, the settings recorded in those files are applied, but files remain unchanged even if the presentation of the file on the screen is changed via FastRawViewer controls, please see under "XMP" for more details.

Shift-S and Shift-H are Shadows boost On/Off and Highlights inspection On/Off modes respectively, they are propriate to FastRawViewer and do not affect any tags that Lightroom knows. Those modes are inspection only.

Shift-A will be recorded as exposure (brightness) correction, but of course only if XMP files are not set to read-only in FastRawViewer.

For the files that are already imported to Lightroom external XMP files are ignored, unless the synchronization is triggered manually and explicitely: for example, to make Lightroom to read the new .xmp files one needs to select the files in the Lightroom Grid view (to select all files in the Grid view, you can use Ctrl-A), right-click on one of the selected files; and in the drop-down that appears choose Metadata -> Read Metadata from Files. Or it can be done with a single file by right-clicking on it; you will see 'Read Metadata from File', singular.

As tagging is an importat step in culling pehaps you could implement a mode where only ratings and labbeling are recorded to XMP, some may want to record WB and or exposure adjustments but other may just whant not to but save the ratings. For now I have the option to use XMP read only but I cant rate nor label this whay.. 
I noted that with "A" toggled off ctrl+shift+/- are turned off that would be a "safe mode" to work but Shift-A is still working (Should it be?)
   "Shift-S and Shift-H are Shadows boost On/Off and Highlights inspection On/Off modes respectively, they are propriate to FastRawViewer and do not affect any tags that Lightroom knows. Those modes are inspection only."
That´s good to know That different behavior with Shift-A,,  I may change the Shortcuts for "A" and Shift-A as they are dangerously placed near Shift-S wich wont hurt my previous work....
FRV is really fast and an almost perfect tool to cull images..( one just keep asking why didn´t they doit.. Congratulationts!! )
Thank you

Dear Sir:

Lightroom Metadata import (without previous Metadata export) with XMP files with only rating/label set (no processing options) will destroy all Develop settings (just checked with latest Lr/Windows).

So, the only option is always export XMP metadata from Lr before any change made by FRV. It can be done by

 - Select All files - Metadata - Save Metadata

 - or by using 'Automatically write changes into XMP' in Lr catalog settings (This option automatically saves any changes you make to a RAW file in Lightroom (basic adjustments, crop, B&W conversion, sharpening etc) into the XMP sidecar files that are saved right next to the original RAW files. For DNG files LR's XMP block will be saved within DNG file)

To avoid any changes to processing by (accidental) FRV edits,but still to be able to change ratings and labels, you may use these XMP settings:

 - Read Only XMP - unchecked

 - Adobe Compatible Exposure Contrast and WB - unchecked

 - Write Adobe-compatible Contrast/Blacks... - unchecked.

So, after changing rating/labels by FRV you may import it in Lr by 'Select All' - Metadata - Read metadata.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I see,, 
obviously is better to use FRW before Lr in the work flow,, just as a new user I heve lots osf folders already imported..
one thing I noticed is that if XMP is set to read only then the rejection rating does not work either, then lossing almost the best part of culling (indeed culling translates as "selective killing" :D ) 
as rejecting (-1) is not read by Lr anyway I think an "internal" tagging by FRW may be implemented just to move them to the _Rejected folder later,, 

Indeed, FRV's was build as a tool for '1st workflow step', to use before Lightroom or other full-scale raw processing, to avoid long import/previerw builds for technically bad files. Now we evolved to a general purpose raw viewer....

Reject mark is internal to Lightroom. It is stored in Lr catalog, but neither exported to .XMP nor read from these sidecar files. No way to see/set this mark in external program.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Dear Sir:

Yet another reason why it is good to have  'Automatically write changes into XMP' ON, apart form using them with FastRawViewer - those files add a layer of protection against Lr catalog crashes, moving files to another drive or computer, etc.

If Lightroom ever crashes, or your catalog is corrupted, or misplaced, or unavailable -- all the work on settings you did is still saved into those xmp side car files. So all you’ll need to do is reimport those files back into Lightroom and you’ll have back all the adjustments you made.

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