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This topic is way too long, also most requested features are already implemented, so we decided to start a new one:

Hy Lexa,
i saw the option Thumbnail Size, but I think a stageless slider would be much more intuitive.

For some technical reasons, we opted to fixed size list.

(easy accessible) slider will result in

 - either thumbnail cache regeneration on each slight move

 - or extra rescaling (from some internal fixed size), that will result in thumbnail sharpness loss.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

feature request: select multiple and reverse-filter
the program looks great, however the deal-breaker for me is that:
- multiple selection a la bridge or win explorer (ctrl and shift) is not possible. if that multiple-selection is possible a grid view would also be practical as a second step
- and that i can't reverse filter (ie show all files that DON'T have a star rating).
and with the 5DsR files the program is not sooo fast, LR seems faster. but for me it's more about keeping rubbish files out of LR.

In reverse order:

Filtering 'not starred' files is already possible, just check 'Not set' in Filter dialog:

The above example will filter files with 4 stars AND color label not set.

2. Grid mode, multiple file selection/operations are implemented in FRV 1.3 (now in release candidate):


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

1st. Sorry for my English;-)
I work with Lightroom and I have multiple of files with almost the same picture in multiple folders. Can You add plugin or something to work FRV with Lightroom?
Example: I have selected files in Lightroom from multiple folders and show only this files in FRV.

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When I insert an SD card, the photos on the card are organized into an annoying directory structure such as:
SD Card
It would be much easier if I could simply click on the SD Card in the left hand nav and see all photos that are contained in on that card in all of it's sub/sub-sub folders at once. This would avoid the annoyance of trying to compare various shots from a shoot that stretches across multiple folders.
p.s. -- Your product has tremendously sped up my workflow and brought some joy back into the photo culling process. I don't know how you do it when big companies like Adobe can't, but they should be writing you a big ass check for this IP!

using frv to shoot tethered works ok already (shoot with canon software and just leave the folder oen in FRV, but an "automatically- advance-to-last-image-in-folder" would be very handy, as that's what i always need to see on the screen.

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More decimal places for astro-photography UnderExposed and OverExposed stats.
Please consider the option of having more decimal places shown for under-exposed. Instead of the current 3, such as 99.9%, perhaps expand that to 4 or even 5. Or have the option of the actual number of pixels?
Last night, I was taking pictures of the near-full moon. Almost all of them have an UnderExposed value of 100.0%, and OverExposed of 0%.
I think it would helpful to be able to see that the undexposed value was something like 99.98% of 99.992%. Also, that the OverExposed value perhaps was 0.002 or 0.0007.
Or perhaps the actual pixel counts? 
With star trails, I think the preferred exposure might be the brightest star in the frame might have one or two blown channels.
I sometimes use FRV in a quasi-tethered mode so I can see how close to ETTR the capture was. I continue to look forward to FRV implementing a "Hot Folder" capability.

Dear Sir:

Actual pixel count is available, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of Exposure Stats panel, check the "Show pixel counts" item.

If it is not already possible, I would like to be able to filter on selected images the same way as ratings and labels.

Dear sir:

Filtering based on selection will result in User Interface problems: if file has deselected, it will hide from this filter and there is no way to get it back (only clear filter, select again, set filter).

You may assign some (unused for other purpose) rating or label (or both) for selected files, than use rating/label filtering.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Okay.  I'm not clear on how this is different from filtering on a label.

Okay.  I'm not sure how this is any different than using a label to filter as the same thing happens.  I do this all the time in Lightroom with picks and there is no UI issue.  Your comment that the deselected files no longer appear in the filter is precisely the behavior one would expect and want.

OK, will try to implement it in (coming) FRV 1.4. with entirely new sorting/selection framework and will deliver it in public beta.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks.  Very much appreciated.  :*) 

Filtering based on selection status has added to FRV 1.4(beta):


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I know you are working on a file naming option.  Here is my import process, which I am describing in the hope that your final implementation will make it possible to automate my workflow.  :*)

  • Select images to import from memory card (works great now in FRV)
  • Input a description for the destination folder name: usually location or event.  ie Neck Point Park
  • Create a folder on Drive:  ie D:\2011-2020\2017\201703\2017-03-26_Neck Point Park (Delimiters defined by user in red)
  • If this folder already exists, scan it for image files and return the last sequence number found (n)
  • Allow the user to override n+1 as the start sequence
  • Rename during copy using format YYYY-MM-DD_XXXX where XXXX starts at n+1.  ie 2017-03-26_0009.CR2
  • If there is already an image file with the same name then append _1 or (1) to the name.

In this workflow all I have to do is select keepers, enter folder description and click Copy.  The import naming process should allow me to build the rest of the folder name structure from metadata and delimiters.  
This may seem like a lot of work since the user can easily do this, but I have implemented this in my own viewer and I find it immensely satisfying and the time savings do add up over time.
Thanks for the great program and listening to us users!

Please add a 'Minimize' option (single 'minus sign' in upper right corner) so one doesn't have to exit FRV to use another program.

Dear Sir:

One can use another program without exiting FastRawViewer, never been a problem. If something does not work for you, please send a screenshot to

I should have been more clear. I have the programs I use regularly organized by type or function in folders on my desktop. For example, all the programs that have to do with the Internet are in a folder called 'Internet Related'.
When I want to use a program of a given type or function I open the relevant folder and select the program I want to use.
So I need to be able to access the desktop. If I'm in Word, for example, and want to use a program to check a hard disk, I simply minimize Word and then open the relevant folder on the desktop.
While I recognize that I can open ('Pass to') a file in another program from FRV for further processing, that doesn't help if what I want t do is, for example, work with a program that I don't use often enough to justify pinning to the task bar. In other programs that I use to deal with my photos, I would just minimize the progam and open my e-mail program.
I realize that I can pin programs to the task bar, change FRV from full-screen to the smaller view that shows the task bar, and open a progam that's on the task bar. But past a certain point, putting programs on the task bar produces a diminishing return as you have to move through more and more of them to find the one you want. I also realize that, with FRV in the smaller view, I can click on the Start button to access a larger number of programs. But then I have to scroll through a good number of choices each time I do that to find the one I want to open.
My point is that other Windows programs don't make me have to use these work-arounds because I can simply minimize the program and then access the desktop.

Crop preview - I often want to preview what a photo would look like if I cropped it. But to check this I have to open the photo in another application. A crop preview would quickly allow one to select an area and hide the pixels outside of that area.
It would be really elegant to make this the default drag action when a photo is zoomed out enough to fit on the screen. (When the photo is zoomed in, you would have the hand tool to drag the photo around.)
Actually saving the crop is not important, but if it could be done as metadata or to an xmp file, that would be convenient.

Dear Sir:

Crop without straightening the horizon and getting rid of lens aberrations is not exactly useful IMHO, but we will think about that.

The point would be just to get a quick preview. Peronally, there is no horizon in 99% of my photos. The ability to rotate the crop selection would be helpful, but I don't see any need for lens corrections just for a preview. It doesn't need to be overcomplicated.
This would provide an alternative to opening each photo in Photoshop just to check how the crop would look.

I use a Logitech Performance MX mouse and I use the continuous (clickless) scroll wheel. Unfortunately the scrolling in FRV's grid view is way too fast. Is there a way you could accommodate this type of mouse to get a more gentle scrolling like the continous scrolling of most web-browsers? Thanks!

There is no special setting in FRV built-in Preferences dialog, but this is controlled via Windows Registry/OS X defaults settings (so called 'FRV hidden settings).

Default value is to scroll two grid lines per one mouse wheel event (BTW, works OK with my Logitech Performance MX :).

To lower this value:

1) Close FRV

2a) OS X:

 - open Terminal window

  - issue the command defaults write com.libraw-llc.FastRawViewer Prefs.WheelScrollLines 1[Enter key]

2b) Windows

 - Navigate to C:\Program Files\LibRaw\FastRawViewer\scripts\WheelScrollDefault.reg file using Windows exporer

 - Copy it to somewhere location were you'll able to edit this file (C:\Program Files\... is protected by Windows)

 - Open it in Notepad or another text editor (using Open With right-click menu)

 - Change the line




- Save edited file

- Right click it in Windows explorer and confirm twice (Registry Editor run, than registry change).

3) Start FRV again

Windows: if you're familiar with Windows Registry Editor, you may use it directly w/o editing .reg script.

Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LibRaw LLC\FastRawViewer\Prefs

locate WheelScrollLines key

and change the value from 2 to 1

Restart FRV to see the changes.

More on 'hidden settings':

(Section 'Additional settings description')



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Show focuspoints.
i use FRV also for finetuning my lenses (MFA)
fastrawviewer works great for it, the focus peaking makes things clear right away :thumbsup:

We are working on this, however the implementation is slowed down because of:
- the complete lack of documentation from the part of the vendors, as you probably know, no official documentation for the metadata exists
- multiple versions of focus data for the same camera vendor, depending on the model and firmware
- very unreliable information coming from third-parties.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thx, good to hear FRW is working on it.
Lets hope you get it to work

Maybe it posted already, but showing focus point would be really nice :)

Output folder with dates?
I'm trying out FRV and I like what I see - nice job!  My reason for trying FRV is that the software that came with my camera (Olympus Viewer 3) is terribly slow.  FRV is certainly fast so I am leaning towards purchasing it.  However, there is one feature that I don't see in FRV that I use in my work flow:  Naming the output directory based on the EXIF shooting date.  I'd like to be able to choose an output directory and have subdirectories created based on the shooting date (like YYYY-MM-DD or DD-MM-YYYY, etc).  That way I can choose my initial output directory (~/Pictures/My Vacation, for example), go through the culling process and when I'm finished, my keepers are sorted by date (~/Pictures/My Vacation/2017-11-09/..., ~/Pictures/My Vacation/2017-11-10/..., etc).
Thanks for your consideration!

FRV is great for culling (I can't see an equivalent) but it is not only a culling program. Indeed, there are also increasing editing features, which is one possible direction.
I would advocate for an other direction : would you think suitable to add keywording to FRV ? FRV is much better han PhotoMechanic when it comes to culling, but PM permits keywording (with controled vocabulary). To be honest, I would be perfecly OK to pay again for a major update including keywording.

Thank you for your feedback.  Keywording is already in our TODO, but not for next minor update (1.4.5)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

In your future plans for keywording, do you intend to permit the use of controlled vocabularies ? Without any commitment, what's the geberal order for a delay to the next major update ? more like 3, 6 or 12 months ?

We plan to support user-specified hierarchical keywords lists (like Adobe Bridge or Lightroom), together with list export/import operations.

Exact schedule is not clear yet, but it is closer to 6 months than to 12.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Feature request: Show Nikon Finetune parameter.
I really like the Focuspeaking, this can be very useful when calibrating a new lens. I shoot a lot of pictures, and check which finetune parameter is giving best result.
I have not yet found a way to show the finetune parameter from a .NEF file.

Nikon D810 user

hello lexa, just bought and started with FRV. Great features, not all to name here. Thanks.
My first problematic issues are:
- the rating stars in the filmstrip /thumbnails are clear and good to see - whilst the stars for the greater picture (in xmp metadata window) are difficult to differ: The contrast between the given stars ((filled and bold boxed) and the not given stars (not filled and fine lined boxes) is just not big enough to see it quick and easy when you NOT focus on the stars itself. It would be helpful, if only the given stars would be visible and the rest nearly dark.
- similar the higlight of the selected picture in the filmstrip/thumbnails: it is just not quick and easy to see as the higher grey is not much diffference to the not selected foto.
- by the way: i support the lense finetuning request by eta76, too.
Thanks again for the program - and all the very best for 2018!
P.U. Baer

Does a change in FastRawViewer Preferences - Panels - "Panels color scheme" dropdown to "Dark grey" help?

The contrast for selected / active files can be changed in FastRawViewer Preferences - Panels - Interface. There are some other interface adjustments on that Interface pane - please see the descriptions at under "Interface"; or you can use thge Manual (pdf) that comes with the installation (FastRawViewer Main menu - Help - "PDF Manual"), and is also available as a separate download from under "User Manual".

Lens finetuning data display is in the works.

Happy 2018!

The ability to set the dynamic range as a function of ISO is excellent.  I use it but I have four cameras with different dynamic characteristics.  Is it possible to setup more than one set of dynamic range parameters and then have FRV detect the camera for the image and apply the correct set of parameters?  I know you analyze a lot of cameras.  It would be even better if you provided suggested values for the most widely used cameras.  BTW, your feature thread is the best I have ever seen by a wide margin.  You actually reply to your customers!  

We do have camera-dependent DR feature in our ToDo list. As to recommended values, that grossly depends on the individual tolerance for noise and the size of the print / display; plus, there are some sites that publish figures for DR which we consider less than useful, and we feel it may be counterproductive to start on-line wars over the DR numbers. One more complication here is that DR depends on the spectrum of the light source in the scene, the difference between DR for shots taken in good daylight and taken under fluorescent lights can easily reach 1 stop, and could exceed 2 stops.

My personal criteria is this: I want Zone VI at signal-to-noise 40:1 on the final print, that's the recommendation for 'excellent image quality' made by Kodak, and it is based on many years of testing.

I have just come accross FRV for first time and on trial. It looks OK and definetly VERY fast. I work with Lightroom.
It is missing for me one main feature and this is file renaming. the time saved on lableing is wasted on renaming.
I saw that someone mentioned side by side comparing that would help.

Dear Sir:

We have plans for renaming, it is not a straightforward operation given intensive use of file caching. Side by side comparison is very computational intensive since we deal with raw, want to keep the speed, and allow full functionality (like same or different white balance or brightness adjustments). We are thinking 2/4-up may go into a new major release.

Auto/Manual Focus in EXIF.
I have been comparing auto focus and manual focus for my orchid photos.  It would be really nice if this auto/manual setting were included in the EXIF data that FRV shows.  I know this data is in the EXIF via EXIFTOOL (at least for Sony ARW RAW files).  This is particularly relevant when reviewing a large number of images - generally manual focus works better for me, but not always.  (I haven't been able to find any viewing/editing image software that shows this data - perhaps I am the only one who finds this useful.)  EXIFTOOL is available, but not convient to use.

Dear Sir:

We do display relevant EXIF information. Most of the known EXIF tags, including the cusom ones, are listed on

Sony are supposedly (supposedly, because there is no available documentation on that) putting Focus Mode into tag 0x0016 in Makernote, not in EXIF itself. As you can see the word "focus" doesn't even occur in the list of EXIF tags.

Each company maintain their own set of tags in Makernote (often different for different camera models and firmware versions), and displaying the relevant ones is quite a task.

However we do keep in mind that certain tags, like those focus modes, are more useful than others.

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Any feedback on the requests for image side-side previews?  (or have I missed it)

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Nevermind...I see in other threads that side-side image comparision is on the road map, but "down the road a ways".

As we answered many times in this forum, side-to-side comparison requires completely program internals redesign: current version is built around single file window, so around 'current opened file'.

So, do not expect this feature in FRV 1.x. It is already in TODO for 2.0, but there is no distinct timeframe for this version (definitely not in 2018).


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I find that sometimes when I am culling, I like to find the "straightest" version of a shot. Wondering if there is any possibility of adding an overlay grid that is toggleable. A 3x3 or some user selectable number? Or perhaps a guide that can dragged onto the image sort of like how guides work in Photoshop? Right now I am eyeballing them and this is both error prone and time consuming. Hopefully, someone else might find this feature useful as well? Thanks!

I find that sometimes when I am culling, I like to find the "straightest" version of a shot. Wondering if there is any possibility of adding an overlay grid that is toggleable. A 3x3 or some user selectable number? Or perhaps a guide that can dragged onto the image sort of like how guides work in Photoshop? Right now I am eyeballing them and this is both error prone and time consuming. Hopefully, someone else might find this feature useful as well? Thanks!

Thank you for you proposal. Added to TODO list, but not for coming FRV 1.5 because TODO 1.5 is already overcrowded. May be 1.5.x


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

That's great to hear! This is the best RAW photo application by far. Thanks for all the hard work.

I would also find this very useful!