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I downloaded FastRawViewer with the idea that it could serve as a good front-end to some of my editors that lack a decent browser front-end, so I am brand new to the product. When I tried to use it the first thing I noticed is that it does not display psd or tiff files, at least on my system.
I looked for some setting in Preferences that might control what file types are acceptable but found nothing. Does this viewer only handle raw and jpg file types? Or is there some way to get it to display tiffs and/or psds? If I use it as a front-end I will need to be able to handle at least tiffs as well as raws and jpgs.
Thank you for any help.

Dear Sir:

Indeed, currently we support only out of camera files. We concentrate on what is missing, and that is raw viewers. However we do have plans to support RGB single-layer TIFFs.

Thank you for your speedy reply.
Any idea when that functionality might be available? This year? Next year? Or further in the future? I ask because it is functionality I would need to be able to use FastRawViewer as an effective front end for my photo processing. Tiff support would allow me to use FRV as the glue between various editing apps as I would use Tiffs as an intermediate form of image file when sending images from one editor to another.

Dear Sir:

Not in version 1.4, but maybe later this year.

Thank you. That helps me to at least believe that FRV might work for me, even if not right now. Everything else I saw when I ran the trial version seemed perfect for my needs.

I also hope that FRV can soon add tif viewing as I have many files from times when I scanned old slides and also use tif and psd for raw manipulation in ON! software.  In the meantime, FRV is a very useful program in the field to quickly review photos and also to evaluate their sharpness.

If you already have ON1 you should be able to use their Browse module to view your files. I believe it supports raw, jpg, tiff and psd formats.

+ on viewing tiffs.  Would be hugely helpful with the workflow between RAW converters and Photoshop.

Does FRV hide video-files, or fortuatelly not ?
I'd like to use FRV to filter memory cards, select witch files to copy onto the harddiscs (and import to lightroom) and leave unwanted files behind (format cards eventually).
My problem I had with a similar software I had to abandon for a shortcomming I dont want to repeat, is to have a fast viewer that totally ignores the existance of (occasional) video-files.  I dont mind to not being able to preview videofiles, but I do not want to be not informed about their existance on cards (or in folders)  when viewed..
How does FRV behave when video-file are amongst raw-picture-files?

Dear Sir:

For nowe ignore video files.

In fact, we are thinking of adding some support to those, and it will be possible to switch it on/off through FastRawViewer Preferences.

It's worthless without ability to view/process TIF(TIFF)  file format if one shoots film and scans into TIF (which is typical). 

Dear Sir:

We prioritize raw formats. Vuescan scans to DNG.

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I have a couple of thousand .bmp files and .psd files (in addition to CR2 and DNG).  Many are duplicates and I'm using Fast Raw Viewer to cull.
But you don't show .bmp and .psd files so I don't know if I have duplicates.  Would you consider supporting these in the future?

My first sale was to Kodak for a book related to creative in-camera photography (1973).
My Rock concert pictures from the 1970s have been accepted by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  That's pretty neat.

It is now about 18 months since I initially asked about support for tiffs. In your response you said you had plans to add that functionality but it is still not in the newest version of Fast Raw Viewer. Do you still plan to add that functionality? And, if so, when?

TIFF support is provided in FRV 1.5 (now in beta):


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I just downloaded the trial, discovered the software "by accident" in dpreview forum. Anyway, my intention would be to use FRW as a general image viewer as well - for this, any plans to support new HEIC/HEIF formats?

HEIC/HEIF files support just implemented in FastRawViewer 1.7 (now in beta):


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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