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Compare Images
FRV is an incredibly valuable fast viewer that I have built into my work flow as an initial screening program before editing in Lightroom.
Lightroom has a compare function in its Library module. Select a set of images and compare them side by side (only two at a time) to help choose between similar images. This would be a great add to FRV.

I just noticed this was requested by someone else recently. Didn't notice it the first time. I guess just consider this a second vote for the compare feature.

Yes, 2-side and 4-side comparison was asked for many times. Unfortunately, there is no way to implement is *easy* with current FRV internals.

So, wait for FRV 2.0 (or use other program to compare only best images, while best selection is performed by FRV)

Seems like allowing greater zooming of the filmstrip could substitute for 2-side and 4-side comparisons, at least for now. Is greater zooming possible?

That would demand a lot of scrollbars, and cause serious delays and other inconveniences.

Could there be an option or control added for adjusting the "fineness" of the fine detail focus peaking? I find that it works well to show the zone of focus with shallow DOF shots, but for smaller aperture shots, I would like finer discrimination to find the area of best focus. For now, I find that I end up trying to pixel peep at 100%, and that also can be problematic because of the current implementation of demosaicing.

Could you add the possibility to select multiple files in the film strip and pass them to an external program at the same time? 
This would support my workflow with RawDevelopper as follows:

  • (Ingest Tool) Ingest raw files into folders per date, auto-rename pictures 
  • (FastRawViewer) In one directory, select keepers 
  • Open first image with RawDevelopper using key "R"
  • (RawDevelopper) Make adjustments to all images in directory, store adjustments but don't develop images yet
  • (FastRawViewer) Select all images, pass to RawDevelopper using "R" for batch processing in background <== This is not possible
  • (FastRawViewer) Go to next directory, select keepers, etc.

This is how I currently work with PhotoMechanic, but that tool is too expensive for me as I'm not using most of its features. The point is that RawDevelopper takes a while to process the images, thus I like to have it running in the background while I work on the next folder.
I'm aware that your single-image concept collides with multiple selection. However, I still think it would be a useful extension.
Best regards
Kaspar Pflugshaupt

Thank you for your proposal. Some kind of multi-file operations (Move, Copy, etc) are planned for some future release. We'll add 'pass to program' action to this multi-file action list.

+1 to the request multiple file selections on the film strip and sending them to the external programm. As ACR 9.1 has anounced HDR processing this feature will be very useful. 
And thanks a lot for this amazing tool! )
WBR, Alex.

and another one for multiple file selection (with crtl and shift), this is the only reason i have a hard time using the program
also would be nice to see thumbnails in the main window ala all viewer programs, viewnx, lightroom, acdsee ... 

You may drag thumbnail panell out of default space, than resize it as you wish

thanks, but its not the same as having thumbnails open in the main window if no picture is open,
the way it currently works is fine on bigger and dual monitors but really cumbersome on laptops
couldnt find them yet if they exist but grid overlays would be nice also

I just found and purchased FRV last night after playing around with the demo for about five minutes. Thanks so much for all the work you have put into it to date, great job.  The #1 feature on my list (which I know is on your TODO) is to be able to select based on rating somehow. If you could add some iteration of this into even a 1.x release it would be HUGE. Being able to quickly rate a folder, select rated to move into Lightroom (or even if it's easier to implement select all unrated to move to _rejected). I believe this one feature could add tremendously to the popularity (and sales) of FRV.

Keyboard shortcuts D, E and S would be very nice (toggles).  More trouble to use the mouse for Shadow Boost, etc.

Dear Sir:

In FastRawViewer, we have Shortcut Editor, it should allow to assign the shortcuts you are looking for.

Dear Sir,

You can assign your own keyboard shortcuts through Keyboard Editor, please see

FRV's display of raw files and tech info is unequalled. For my regular use, its file-at-a-time flagging and moving is still cumbersome compared to other viewers. Please add a vote to prioritise dev effort on two features already requested in this thread:
- Better filmstrip display and quick filtering based on keep/reject status
- Global moves (Move all rejects and undecided, move all keepers, etc)
Otherwise, thanks for a great piece of software!

FRV's initial purpose is to quick sort/rate on input stream (just shot images), so file-to-file operations are fit well this purpose because you need to examine each frame you've shot.

Now we're moving to 'general purpose' RAW viewer, so filtering and mass operations (move, copy, pass to Photoshop/Lr) are needed.

Thumbnails filtering (based on rating/label) is in development now. We'll release it in FRV 1.2

Mass operations are in TODO, but not for 1.2, but for some future release.

I am finding FRV to be very much so as the name implies :)
But I can't but help notice that there is one thing that you could do to make it faster (for me atleast).
You store the last N decoded images in a buffer so that the user can quickly switch between two or more pictures for comparision, And you can have that default to 1 so that it does not affect the memory requirements of existing users.
Or is there a switch or something that does that alread?

FRV not only caches some (already shown) images (decoded raw data), but also prefetches images in advance (on always, but only if you move one-by-one).

If you're short of memory, you can decrease image buffer size and prefetch depth:

Also, depending of storage type you use (HDD,SSD, fast or slow NAS) you may need to change level of parallelizm in FRV:

While that is helpfull there is still a small delay (<50ms) when switching between images.
Do you keep the GPU resources around for each cached image?
Do to the delay I do not think that you keep the GPU resource(s) for each cached image image after going to the next one, Because I do not see how binding another cached resource to the pipeline can be so slow.
Or am I missing something here?

No, only decoded bayer and extracted (but not decoded) jpegs are cached.

On display phase, bayer is processed (white balance, color conversion, contrast curve), converted to ARGB and uploaded to GPU.  Same processing is done for any raw adjustment (white balance, exposure, contrast curve), texture cache will not help here, so we do not use it.

There are some room for improvement for computers with LOT of RAM:

  - cache bayer data converted to floating point (FRV do all processing in float), but this will take 2x RAM

  - cache JPEGs in decoded form (ARGB). About 5x-50x RAM (depending on compression ratio).

This is already in TODO, but not on very top.


Hi! Thank you for new release. One question - what about "request multiple file selections on the film strip and sending them to the external programm"? Do you plan this feature to be included in the roadmap?

This feature is in TODO (roadmap), but not for the next release (1.2)

Well done! Very near perfect application folks :)
One thing I think has been overlooked... The ability to 'batch' a Name and Description into the XMP for a group of images. When I do a shoot or trip I name the event and all the images in that group will have the same title or name, some may very in the description or tags but by being able to do 80% or better in a btach you save me huge amounts of time.
Unless I understand wrong, currently I have to dbl click on the XMP field or alt+D and then select the field I want to enter my text into... Cool would be having a check box in the text entry screen next to each entry field "Propagate Field to all Current Images". This way I can choose to propagate either or both fields to all images in the current folder.
Even without this your workand very reasonable price are very much appreciated!
Thanks again I will be buying it shortly :)

Thank you.

Your suggestion is added to TODO list for 'multiple file operations' (far from ready; it is a lot of things requested for multifile ops)

I'd love to be able to rotate images by hand in small increments not just 90 degrees.
Overall- LOVE FRV!!

I like FRV and would luv to be able to use it to replace Adobe Bridge in my workflow for initial photo import and review. I use Bridge to do the following:

  • Rename files to my standard style using the rename templates available in Bridge
  • Add the new file name into the XMP sidecar file as original filename (so if I say rename a jpeg output file to "Jim's party 2", I can read the metadata to find out I used real file name xyz to create the jpeg
  • Import a standard meta-data template with name, copyright info

Could the above features be considered for future deployment please.

Thank you for your proposals.

Batch rename is requested by many users, so it is to be added to FRV in some future version (NOT in coming 1.2).

Other requests need more explanation from you:

  1. Just renamed file in Adobe Bridge (using Rename on right-click). Original filename is NOT saved anywhere in .XMP sidecar. It is not hard to add some additional field (under libraw namespace), but it looks like other programs will not see this data.

    Also, it is unclear what to do if the file was renamed several times.
  2. Please explain what you mean under 'Import a standard metadata template....'.  Import it AND... what to do with it?

    Please note: FRV do not write anything in original RAW/JPEG files: storage is unreliable in many real cases (flash cards, wi-fi access to network storage, buggy USB card readers), so we opted to do not write to image files to avoid possible data corruption.

Thanks for the update. My camera names the RAW files in a way that has little meaning so I copy them from the card into a folder, then in Bridge I "select all" and rename to a format myname_yyymmdd_#### where yy is year, mm is month, dd is day and #### is the sequence number as per the original RAW file. I added myname at the front as this will always ID as I one took and is handy when working with images from other photographers. Bridge has a template to enable you to create the filenaming convention you like e.g. adding the "_" bit to the filename.
Once renamed this way that it is the final name for the RAW and .XMP sidecar files. Edits in Photshop are saved as the same filename with .psd file type.  The Photoshop file may then be saved as various formats: TIFF, Jpeg for web or sending via email. Jpegs then get renamed to something more friendly e.g. Jims Party 01, Jims Party 02 if I am sending some photos to Jim in an email. As Jim may come back later and say Hey I would like a print of number 2 I would need away to go back and ID this to the original myname_yyymmdd_#### file. I do this by using a free add-on to Bridge that takes the file name and adds it into the Sidecar file. This I do straight after renaming to myname_yyymmdd_####. This way I know the original filename will always be in the metadata. Hence I would like this feature in FRV as I can see using FRV as my preferred way to manage the initial pass. The filename gets saved to the field "Title" in IPTC Core. This way no matter how many times the Jpeg may get renamed it will have that Title field in the metadata with the original RAW file that I can easily find.
In Bridge under Tools there is a create metadata template. (also tools to edit an existing template etc). I use this to create a generic metadata template, e.g. in IPTC Core I have entry for: Creator, Creator Job Title, Address, Email, Copyright notice, Copyright Status, Rights Usage Terms. Again in Bridge select all and apply this template. This way I know any pictures I put on the web have a contact name and copyright status should anybody wish to use my photo they have a way to contact me. 
I do these three things straight away after copying from a card: rename, save title in sidecar file, add template metadata. That way I have done all the basics in just a few clicks of the mouse. I like FRV for evaluating photos and it would be fanastic if I could stop using bridge and just use FRV to do this work.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for detailed explanation.

XMP Title is already used by FRV (it is editable by user). So, it looks like we need an option for (batch) renames like 'set XMP title to original file name if title is not set'. Sounds not good, but may solve this particular task.

I would like the ability to re-size the side panels. I have filenames that don't completely show, and I would like them to. Also, the summary information on the top line is cutoff and there doesn't appear to be any way to see what's left.
On the bottom bar, the filename has the same problem, but it's worse because it appears to be centered. So, not only are parts of the right cutoff, but so are parts of the left. It should either autosize to show the entire filename, or we should be able to change the fixed width that displays.

Left side panel (with folders and EXIF data in default layout) is already re-sizable.

In Filmstrip/Thumbnail panel you may change thumbnail size (gear icon - Menu - Thumbnail size) to get more room for filenames.

Also, you may decrease Panels font size in Preferences - Interface - (Panels group) - Panels font size to get more text.

Would it be possible to make FRV to register itself as an external editor/plug-in into Lightroom so that it would be available in "Edit in..."-menu? The same way as e.g. Nik (Google) plugins do. And would it be also possible it to "go" in the folder where the selected image file is? I'm using Lr for Import-function but would then like to have the easiest possible way to launch the FRV for culling.

We'll investigate it.

Standard Lr 'external editors' receive TIFF (processed), not RAW, not sure it is possible to pass RAW file path from plugin. Will try.

Hmmm.... since I do not plan to do anything with the photo itself, would it be possible just to get the path & filename?

Do not know yet.

RawPhotoProcessor's Lightroom plugin registers itself as 'Export plugin'. So it looks like it is possible to guess RAW name.

Files in Subfolders
I could not find an option to include the files in subfolders. Is it possible?

Unfortunately, no way: subfolder structure may be very large, but FRV needs to build full file list (in current folder) before show the very first file.

Feature Request
Is it possible to display the camera's focus point.
This would aid in determining if FRV's in-focus and highly detailed areas match with the cameras focus point;  Mismatch would indicte the lens may need some fine tuning

Dear Sir:

We have this feature in our ToDo list.

Thanks Iliah

Please add rotation (by single degrees or tenths of degrees) and I'll have even less reason to waste time opening for raws to load in Aperture. I'll pay more money for this add-in alone.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Added to TODO list (but not for FRV 1.3 update).


I have not read all the post in this thread, so my wish might yet be wished. 
I like to have a slider change the size of the thumbnails in grid view.

To change thumbnail size in grid, use Gear Icon (top right of the Grid view) - Thumbnail size - select size from list:

Hy Lexa,
i saw the option Thumbnail Size, but I think a stageless slider would be much more intuitive.

For some technical reasons, we opted to fixed size list.

(easy accessible) slider will result in

 - either thumbnail cache regeneration on each slight move

 - or extra rescaling (from some internal fixed size), that will result in thumbnail sharpness loss.

feature request: select multiple and reverse-filter
the program looks great, however the deal-breaker for me is that:
- multiple selection a la bridge or win explorer (ctrl and shift) is not possible. if that multiple-selection is possible a grid view would also be practical as a second step
- and that i can't reverse filter (ie show all files that DON'T have a star rating).
and with the 5DsR files the program is not sooo fast, LR seems faster. but for me it's more about keeping rubbish files out of LR.

In reverse order:

Filtering 'not starred' files is already possible, just check 'Not set' in Filter dialog:

The above example will filter files with 4 stars AND color label not set.

2. Grid mode, multiple file selection/operations are implemented in FRV 1.3 (now in release candidate):


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