Canon 5d mark II sRAW1 cropped


There seems to be a problem decoding sRAW1 (10MP) files from the Canon 5d Mark II camera. The preview image is cropped. I attach a sample file in this format here

Please try switching on shadow inspection, Shift-S, and decreasing the contrast. You should see something like

I have tried several times - unfortunately still the same.
win 10 64bit Software Ver 1.7.4 RB 1736 (x64-DirectX11)

Please try this:

FastRawViewer Preferences -> Image Display -> Raw image crop mode -> Max. visible area

OpenGL is faster than DirectX, you may want to try it. For recent OpenGL drivers please use links on under "If Your Browsing Speed is Low, or You are Experiencing Graphics Issues".

It's ok now. Thank you. License purchased :)

Thank you for being our customer.

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