Incorrect selection when using cursor keys


Selection of images in the grid or in the film strip works reliable only when using mouse.
When using cursors, it does not reliable select start or end of selection. Sometimes it starts from previous selection by mouse, sometimes it looks random (few images off the correct one). Selection mode (advanced/non advanced) does not seem to have an effect.
How to reproduce:
1. In the image grid, move active image using cursors.
2. Press shift a while shift is pressed select more images using cursors
3. Repeat with different starting image if the bug does not appear. It is happening occasionally
In the directoruy there are images 1..10. Image 7 is selected, shift pressed and cursor moved 2 images left. Images 5, 6, 7 should be selected, but only images 5 and 6 are selected. Moving around it looks that image 6 was set as start of selection instead of image 7.
Version info:
Version 2.0.4 Build 1912 (x64-OpenGL/AVX2)

By default FastRawViewer uses 'Advanced selection mode':

This mode was desined to solve these standard/common mode 'features' (we call them 'problems'):

• An accidental mouse click destroys the whole selection

• The currently displayed file is always included in the selection, and that is not necessarily


• Activating the context menu or using drag-n-drop makes the file current; it’s opened in the

main window (if in Grid Mode, you simply move to that file).

If you prefer standard selection mode, just switch to this mode via Preferences


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Please note, that I describe that issue appears in both selection modes - advanced and standard. In the standard mode.

Please have a look at the video below.
Cursor is moved to image IMG_0649, shift is pressed and cursor moved 1 image left. IMG_0649 was not selected, but image IMG_0647 was.

Yes, this is standard shortcut 'Move to prev file and select/deselect it', assigned by default to three key sequences (Ctrl+, Shift-Left, Shift+Num-Left). This action is opposite to Shitf+Right Arrow.

If you want standard selection behaviour: unassign this shortcut and switch off advanced selection mode.

Please note:


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Hello, the issue I'm reporting is not caused by described key sequence. I made another video. I found how to easilty replicate the problem. Standard mode is used.
1. At first selection of images is made using the mouse.
2. I press the shift and start moving the cursor using cursor keys. In the standard behavior the selection should start from current image. However, it starts for the 1st image previously selected by mouse. It remembers previous selection.
3. I repeat the same on the second row.
4. Described behavior is valid only if I start selection using shift + cursor keys on the same row.  If I move to upper row the behavior suddenly changes. It "sticks" beginning of selection to the fist selected image.
It looks it has a problem of selecting the start of selection when using just cursor keys without the mouse. It has no relation to shortcuts, as I deleted all shortcuts with cursor keys before creation of this video.

I think I got it.

We have very little control over standard selection mode. Will see what could be done.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

It is more related to keyboard control. The invalid selection is present in the advanced mode as well, but demonstration in standard mode was easier. Selection by mouse seems to be OK in both standard and advanced selection mode.

The differences is in keyboard press processing: in advanced selection mode we (our code) does some processing. In standard selection mode keypresses are processed by GUI toolkit we use. That's why 'we have a little control'.

If we consider the behavior you described as a bug (and not as a feature) - there are big doubts that we will be able to fix it for standard selection mode. It might be possible for Advanced Selection because we control what is selected.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team


For advanced selection:

 * if shift-arrow shortcuts are disabled:  shift+arrow does not change selection, just moves between files.

 * if shift-arrow shortcuts are enabled: these shortcuts work as expected.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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