How do you read the FRV histogram?

I should start off by saying, I really want FRV to work for me, but I'm not getting on with it:

I'm an enthusiast photographer, maybe your software is too complex for me, your RawDigger is certainly way over my head. Is FRV mainly created for trained professionals, or scientists?
I'm drawn to FRV because it allows me to sift through my .raf files and cull, without needing to spend all that time that Lightroom demands in its import process (which in turn allows me to shoot more freely because the culling process is much quicker & easier). I also love your additional features, really useful stuff. But I'm really struggling.
When I look at my Lightroom histogram, I understand it and know what I'm looking at and looking for. It's easy and familiar without needing to read a manual. When I look at FRV histogram, I get in a panic, it confuses me, I can't work with it because it doesn't make sense to me.
The histogram is  where I get a sense for the image, but with FRV I just don't get it (it doesn't look like any other histogram I've ever seen).

Therefore, because your software displays a histogram that doesn't look anything like what to me is a familiar histogram, I, the user, am dependent on your explanation to understand what its about. And that doesn't tell me much either.
The only section in the User Manual that I can find that really talks about the histogram is the section, 'Working with Exposure'
But here I'm having trouble:
I don't understand what this means. What is the value of '1'? By 'the leftmost mark' do you mean the -10 line?

Just what do either of those mean?

By the 'underexposure level indicator' do you mean the -5 line?

This feature allows me to tailor FRV to the dynamic  range of my sensor, I like it!
I just feel like your software (and the user manual) is written for scientists. Maybe it is and I'm in the wrong place :-)
On the other hand, if your software is indended for regular enthusiasts and pros alike, could I please get some guidance on how to read YOUR histogram, what am I looking for, maybe help in understanding why are the corresponding areas in histograms from FRV and other software are so different.
I do get that the Lr histogram is based on a jpg view, or something like that, and FRV is the accurate, real raw histogram, but that doesn't help me to understand it. I like what your software is about, I like it's really useful features, but I'm REALLY struggling to get past the first post.
Any and all feedback greatly appreciated, Smithy.


Dear Sir:

Let's try to approach things step by step.

The leftmost mark of the scale is the level that corresponds to the value of “1” in the RAW data.

The leftmost mark is the left wall; it is where the value in raw is equal to 1.

The histogram step on the horizontal axis is 0.1EV, so there will always be a “comb” in the shadows, as there are less possible levels than 10 levels per stop.

In raw, say it is 14-bit raw, there are maximum 16383 levels from shadows to highlights. The first stop in highlights contains half of those, up to 8191; next stop contains half of what is in the first stop, 4095; following stops contain respectively 2047, 1023, 511, ..., and finally, the last three stops contain 7, 3, 1 level respectively. This progression simply means that the exposure in each next stop is half of what it is in the previous, brighter, stop. If the step is 0.1 EV, to fill a stop one needs at least 10 levels; with only 7 levels you will see gaps, and histogram starts to look as a comb.

If something in the above is unclear, please say so and we will try to explain better.

Hi, thanks so much. I'll just take a bit of time to work through your answer and get back to you, Cheers.

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