FastRawViewer 2.0/beta1

This topic is for FRV 2.0 (beta1) reporting.

I love the new multi-window mode. Well done!
It is extremely helpful when comparing very similar photos. As a nature photographer, you quickly have hundreds of photos of the same subject. For example, a bird in flight.

But there is a small point of criticism, or rather a wish in relation to the 2 window layout:
So far I have sorted my photos with Lightroom and used the comparison view. Therefore, I am used to seeing the first photo of a series in the left window and the subsequent ones in the right window. This should also be the case with other programs. Therefore I would like to see the Main Window on the right and the secondary Window #1 on the left. Does this make sense? Would that be possible?

Thanks a lot and best regards


'Main' window is on the left (top) because (we think that)  things are numbered from left to right and from top to bottom. so 0/1 (0 is 'not numbered' main window)

We'll consider custom window ordering, thank you for your feedback. 


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

We managed to add Preferences - Multi-window mode - Main/secondary windows order with Main window on (top)-left or (top)-right (more variants are possible if someone requests it)

This option takes effect on program (re)-start.

Thank you again for your feedback,


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you so much for taking my idea and relaizing it so quickly and easily! Great service!

Renaming in some patterns is not working correctly: The year is skipped. See screenshot for example. I hope this will be fixed before release and I hope the release is soon. ;-)

Thanks, to be fixed in the next update


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Time stamp in milliseconds
I am very interested in the file rename feature in FRV 2 beta but was concerned by this text in the web page description for file renaming.
z,zzz – millisecond (always zero in EXIF)
I would need the millisecond time value to be included as using fast shutter speeds and burst mode on the camera you can take double digit number of photos per second.
I currently use another file renaming tool that uses EXIF and use the tag <ExifTool:SubSecDateTimeOriginal> to get the full time stamp for the file.
Can FRV v 2.0 make use of this tag to get the millisecond value?


ExifTool:SubSecDateTimeOriginal is not an EXIF tag, but Exiftool's 'composite' tag, created from other metadata values (as described in: ), including vendor specific metadata tags (not documented by vendors, it is always a 'best guess').

We do not plan to expand support for metadata beyond the (documented) EXIF, because when working with undocumented data, there is a high probability of errors.

For this specific case, timestamp (without seconds) plus shot serial number extracted from file name will result into right naming sequence.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

To me, the support for the swipe gestures on the trackpad would be very desirable. Scroll forwards and backwards with two fingers and the familiar zoom gesture (in single file view). Are there any plans to implement this?

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