Filtering by "EXIF Timestamp > Today" shows photos taken yesterday


First: Love this app, it's transforming my workflow. Many thanks!
Filtering by "EXIF Timestamp > Today" is showing photos taken yesterday. Is this a bug or am I confused about the functionality? Ie, is it actually "last 24 hours" or something?


Quote from application manual (page 60):

The boundaries of the range of dates for Last NN days is set:

• At the moment of pressing the “OK” button, when editing the range.

• At the moment of launching the program, when applying a date range that is already defined in the settings.

This way the “Last NN days” range will not change the actual range of absolute calendar dates even if during the course of work the current date has changed.

So, if you've started application yesterday: yesterday's 'today' is still set


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks Alex! Appreciate the quick response.
That makes sense, and sorry I missed it in the manual. But is that considered a feature? ;) My usual workflow would be to leave the app open indefinitely, and review new batches of photos in it daily. I often don't make it through all of each day's photos though (too many photos too litle time!), so I'd use the filtering to look for the newest ones.
No big deal, I can adjust my workflow to acommodate this, just curious what you think about it.
Thanks again!

Dear Chris:

We opted to behaviour described in the manual based on very simple user experience case:

  • Imagine someone working on today images (filtered by 'today') late evening.....
  • At midnight/00:00:00 all images will disappear from displayed list....
  • It doesn't look friendly to a midnight-working user :)


  1. Press edit (pencil+paper icon) in Sort/Filter panel, date ranges, today row
  2. Change it to [x] Last 1 day
  3. Every midnight (or morning) press edit again then OK, this should reset date range used to 'today'


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

That makes sense, and sounds good. Thanks Alex! Appreciate the help.

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