Our Software Version History

FastRawViewer 2.0.9 Beta

FastRawViewer 2.0.8 Beta

This is a rolling update with new camera/new raw format support, bugfixes, and some features added

Camera/RAW format support

  • Nikon HE/HE* compression support (for Nikon Z8, Z9, Zf cameras)
  • OM System 14-bit files (OM-1 Mark II HighRes/PixelShift shots)
  • 4-channel/bayer JPEG-compressed DNG files

Camera support

  • Fujifilm X-T50, GFX 100S II
  • Panasonic DC-S9 (Preliminary support)
  • Sony UMC-R10C

FastRawViewer 2.0.8 Release

FastRawViewer 2.0.8

Camera support

  • Canon EOS R100, EOS R5C
  • DJI Air 3
  • Fujifilm GFX100-II, X100VI
  • GoPro HERO12
  • Hasselblad CFV-100c, CFV-50c
  • Nikon Z f (standard/lossless compression only)
  • Olympus TG-7, OM-1 Mark II (tested with standard resolution files only)
  • Panasonic DC-ZS200D / ZS220D, DC-TZ200D / TZ202D / TZ220D, G9 Mark II
  • Pentax K III Monochrome, KF
  • Sony ILCE-6700, A7C-II, A7CR, ILX-LR1, A9-III
  • Better handling of PhaseOne files

DPRSplit 0.14: Canon EOS R8 and R5C initial support

In this version of DPRSplit we've added initial support for Canon EOS R8 and R5C cameras

Downloads are available at DPRSplit page.

DPRSplit 0.13: Canon EOS R6 Mark II initial support

In this version of DPRSplit we've added initial support for Canon EOS R6 Mark II camera

Downloads are available at DPRSplit page.

DPRSplit 0.13

FastRawViewer 2.0.7 Release

FastRawViewer 2.0.7

RAW Format support

  • Sony YCC-format pseudo-RAW support
  • (Small/Medium lossy compression on Sony A1, A7-IV, and A7R-V cameras)
  • Sony A7x lossless compressed format: support for latest FW updates.

Camera support

  • Canon EOS R8, EOS R50
  • Fujifilm X-S20
  • Leica M11 Monochrom, Q3
  • Nikon Z8 (HE/HE* formats are not supported)
  • Panasonic DC-S5-II
  • Sony ZV-E1, ZV-1M2
  • Better support for Fujifilm X-H2/H2S/T5 crop modes.

FastRawViewer 2.0.6 Release

FastRawViewer 2.0.6

Camera Support

  • Canon
  • EOS R6 Mark II
  • .CRN files: embedded RAW is displayed
  • Fujifilm
  • X-H2
  • X-H2S: support for pre-1.03 firmware files with the error in metadata
  • X-T5
  • Hasselblad X2D 100C
  • OM System OM-5
  • Sony A7R-V

New features/minor fixes

Monochrome2DNG 1.6 Beta

This version includes the following improvements:

  1. LibRaw decoder library updated to support more cameras
  2. Implemented automatic mosaic correction method fallback for too dark or too light images:
Monochrome2DNG 1.6. Beta

FastRawViewer 2.0.5 Release

FastRawViewer 2.0.5

Camera support

  • Canon EOS R7, EOS R10
  • Fujifilm X-H2S
  • Panasonic DC-GH6

FastRawViewer 2.0.4 Release

FastRawViewer 2.0.4

This is a rolling update with added camera / format support and some new minor features.

Camera support

  • Canon CR3 film rolls/raw burst
  • OM System OM-1

New Features / Minor Fixes

FastRawViewer 1.7.8 Release

FastRawViewer 1.7.8

FastRawViewer 1.7.8 is released and available from download page.

Camera Support

  • Canon CR3 film roll and raw burst files (only 1st frame from the image sequence is displayed).

Other release notes

This is the last release of FastRawViewer Version 1.


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