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Please post feature requests in this forum thread.

This topic is way too long, also most requested features are already implemented, so we decided to start a new one:

1) zoom levels = why such nice ratios as 25% and 33.3% are skipped ? I have ...15->20->30->50... can I get ...15->25->33.3->50... (or at least make it available in setup so that people have their pref'd ratios)

2) for those who might use FRV just as a viewer (means it is not open all the time) - can we have (an option at least, through setup) persistent selection for overexposue, B/W mode, etc ? instead selecting that again and again

Thx for this software, it just do all what i needed.
Simpel clean interface, and FAST!!!
Just one thing, make a option to zoom thrue the mousewheel..

Can you please have a look at Image Zoom-Pan-Rotate section of Keyboard shortcuts editor? There are some options there you may find helpful.

Thank you.
I have change it to
Zooming in and out, only by mousewheel.
Fullscreen and panning, only rightmouseklick
Next and previous image bij only the arrow buttons.
I am very happy, ones again THX.

Nice program! Thumbnail preview would make it much more useable. About 8 years ago there was a free viewer that used the GPU to display thousands of jpeg thumbnails. The thumbnails could be sorted and grouped in various ways (date, rating, location, etc), you could scroll the field and then zoom out to seeing the groups as dots and zoom in down to a group or individual image - almost like an isometric flight simulator. It was very fast then, I can only imagin what you could do with modern hardware. Best of luck!

I am loving FastRawViewer. Very useful, I use it all the time.
I would like to ask an enhancement though. Can we pre define 2 or 3 folders for the moving (in addition to the _Rejected)?
I like to move images to folders 
_To Edit
_Maybe later
and _Rejected.
So maybe you can then do shortcut keys R for reject, 1 for folder X, 2 for folder Y etc?

FRV already have two folders to Move:

  1. _Rejected subfolder
  2. Arbitrary folder you select via M key (and re-use with Shift-M key)

From my point of view, several folders to move is too complex for average user.

We'll support sorting to multiple destination via

  • Filtering by XMP Rating (or label) - already planned
  • Global move (like 'move all filtered files to folder). Added to TODO list right now.

So, you'll tag files with Rating/Label, then filter, then global move.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Ok, I like your idea much better. Thanks!

I would also love to have the option of mutiple folders.
Also, I'd love to be able to drag and drop to the folder list :)

1) Could you also sort/screen/filter by existance of an .xmp sibling?
2) Screen/sort by size of .xmp sibling?
I usually do a first pass assigning ratings, which creates a small .xmp file (<5kb).
I then edit the highly rated images with Adobe Camera Raw, these edits are saved in an .xmp sidecar and increase the size of the .xmp file (>10kb). I don't move files to a dedicated folder.

To know if i have edited an image or not, i usually need to look at the file size of the .xmp siblings.
This function would make that very easy to see.
Unless you are aware of a flag that is applied at the time of editing and saved in the .xmp file.

Sorting/filtering by xmp presence/size will result in very unexpected results (previews shuffle, or file being filtered out) if XMP is created/changed by FRV or by an external program.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Could the sibling files associated with an image be displayed in a side panel?
I.e. the .raw and .xmp files. Only their names and filesize. Or an icon in the bottom that indicates which siblings are present.
I can right-click and 'Show in Explorer', but like to see the file size of the associated sibling files at a glance.

some minor UI features request:

1) make (an option) overexposure/underexposure selection persistent (remembet the last choice) between FRV sessions

2) make (an option) RGB/R/G/B/BW display selection persistent (remembet the last choice) between FRV sessions

3) in preferences -> "white balance for next file (same camera)" & "white balance for next file (another camera)", add UniWB to the list of options
Thank you.

Thank you for suggestions.

The 1) and 2) are one-key selectable, do you really want to remember these settings between sessions?

Hint: if you use FRV as viewer, while file browser is another program (Windows explorer, for example), you may use 'Run single program instance' option. In this case, double click in Win.Explorer will not open new FRV window, but new file name will be passed to existing FRV and all settings (RGB, OE/UE) will be preserved.

The 3) is more interesting. Yes, for UniWB users it is better to move UniWB to common WB list (Auto/AsShot/...) to be switchable by 'W' key and selectable in dialogs you mention. For other users (about 99%, I guess) UniWB is not useful at all. Looks like we need some 'advanced' setting for 1-% of UniWB shooters.

Added to TODO.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

> Hint: if you use FRV as viewer

yes, that's the point

> you may use 'Run single program instance' option.

which I do, but I still close/reopen FRV very very often and it seems that to have some general option in UI code to have your selections (like all of them, really) persistent is quite useful... I always use OE indication = ON, so even if it is a single key press it bothers because I have to press several keys all the time to switch to my preferred mode (which is for example OE = ON, display = BW... and that was by the way the reason why I tried to use the BW mode for cameras w/o CFA and run into aliasing artefacts @ certain magnification - because that option was persistent, alas aliasing ruined the day)... and note that having an option to preserve selections between sessions does not infringe on preferences of other people, because it is an option (so you might not use that option).

OK. Added to TODO list.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

> double click in Win.Explorer will not open new FRV window

there is a certain usability issue w/ that too - the existing session/running instance is not becoming an active window upon that action (or in my case when I open the raw in FRV from XnView) and I have to "alt+tab" to FRV window... is there any option on Windows platform to activate the FRV window  upon (re)opening a raw file in existing, running FRV instance.

Last time I tried it, activating window to be on top does not works right (Qt toolkit 5.2.1). Since that, Qt has upgraded to 5.3.1, will try again.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Add the ability to Tag photos, such as PM, LR Keywords, and this would be a killer app in my opinion.  Any plans for that in the future?

Yes, keywords are in the TODO list


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

It is possible to get a thumbnail overview of all images in the directory and a solution to zomm all thumbnails bigger und smaller? So i am able to decide between 2 oder more images? Thanks!

Some users already asked for Filmstrip (as in many other viewers). This feature to be implemented, but not in nearest releases. For now, FRV is 'single file' viewer.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Maybe I overlooked this, but in the future would it be possible to select muliple images to pass through to Lightroom?
Jan de Boer
Registered user.

In FastRawViewer we have 2 options - either to move unwanted files to _Rejected folder and to ingest the folder containing keepers with Lightroom; or to move the keepers to some destibation folder and ingest it with Lightroom. Both options can be combined as necessary.

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I'm really liking FRV.  I'm working it into my photography workflow as the first step for screening out rejects before I waste any time importing them in the LR.  (I use a similar product when my I was Windows based, but I'm on a Mac now and that other product is Windows only).  I've got OSX configured now to open FRV when my CF cards are inserted.  Then I use FRV to quickly eliminate the obvious rejects. I have a couple of thoughts and observations on handling of "rejected" photos:
(1) Add a command (like Lightroom) that would allow one to delete all rejected photos (i.e. move them from the "rejects" folder to the trash or recycle bin).  This command, of course, would have a confirmation dialog that could be (but shouldn't be) disabled in the preferences to protect us over-zealous users. This saves the added effort of opening a finder window or file explorer, browsing to the folder, and deleting the files manually.  (The main reason I'd like this ability is because, even after moving the images to a "rejected" folder on the CF card, Lightroom will still find them and mark them for import.  I even tried naming the reject folder as ".rejects", hoping that LR would ignore "hidden" directories, but no.  To avoid this one has to manually delete the files before starting the LR import dialog.)
(2) Allow the rejected folder to be located anywhere.  Through some experimentation I've discovered that one can already do this because the path entered into the rejected subfolder preference can be any relative path.  For instance, I can enter "../rejected" and the folder will be placed up one directory level, peer to the folder with the images.  I've even gone so far as to use "../../../../Users/kevin/rejected" as the relative path on my Mac.  This causes the rejects to get moved off the CF card into a directory under my home directory on my main SSD.  (Thus alleviating the problem in #1 above of LR finding the rejected images on the CF card during import.)  But it's a hack that will only work with CF cards that have the images located in a fixed directory hierarchy.  Different cameras could require different relative paths.  And it is a hack that won't work on Windows file systems. Being able to specify an absolute path to any folder would be useful.   Supporting both relative and absolute paths would be ideal. 
One other note:  When I installed the latest release FRV yesterday it did not find DXO Optics Pro 10.  I didn't think anything of it at the time, but I did see on the website (or was it in the manual) that DXO Optics Pro was listed as one of the Processors that would be identified and configured as an external program if present .
Thanks for building a very useful tool!

Thank you for suggestions.

The second option, "global rejected folder" is already in beta-testing. To be released in FRV 1.0.4 in few days. This is not so safe as local _Rejected because file move will travel across 'file system' (not rename, but copy+delete), but users asked for it many times.

The first one, clear _Rejected is added to TODO list. It conflicts with our goal to be 'non destructive', but dual confirmation looks safe enough.

DXO Optics 10 is not detected yet because FRV searches standard apps by predefined path list and DXO 10 is not in list. To be added to 1.0.4 before release.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

From 1.0.4 Changelog:

  1. Absolute (global) _Rejected folder is supported (you need to type path manually, selection dialog is not supported)
  2. DXO Optics 10 and Capture One 8 are included in automatic program search on first run.

This version is available from download page, to be included in FRV built-in updates check in 2-3 days.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Dear Kevin,

Menu - File - Clear _Rejected folder is supported in just released FRV 1.0.5 More details are here: (section titled Clearing the _Rejected folder)

Only 'local' _Rejected may be cleared. To clear global rejected folder use external file management utilities


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Auto Refresh Folder
I am using FRV for displaying the photos that just have been taken. So there are constantly photos being added to the folder.
Currently FRV doesn't notice, that new photos have been added and I have to skip back to the last photo so the counter gets refreshed and I can finally skip forward to the new photos. It would be very nice if FRV updates the counter on the left of the bottom bar according to the "Re-read folder index onc in" preferences-option.
It would also be very nice to have a function that makes FRV always automatically display the newest photo in of the folder when new photos are being added.
Thanks for this cool App!

In current version, folder is marked is 'changed' on change (file added/removed), but nothing changed in counters. So, you need to move back/forward to see updated counter.

In next release (with Filsmtrip view) we'll solve this in better way (with live thumbnails update)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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+1 on this. I would think of is as a "Watch folder" so that the newest image is automatically displayed. 

I am not an interesting phrase...

Folder refresh is already implemented in FRV 1.1: new files are displayed in thumbnail panel (not on networked folders because network storage may not notify operating system about new files and re-read folder each second(s) is expensive).

Hotfolder/Watch folder is on TODO list, but not for next (1.2) release.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Set Default Folders
I would like to suggest that for the Move, Copy, Reject, etc function that an option is added to allow the user to have a defined folder name (i.e. "Copied") that is auto created by the program within the current folder the user is viewing photos from.  User is viewing photos in C:\photos\20150101_GreenRiver, Program creates subfolder "Copied" (C:\photos\20150101_GreenRiver\Copied). This would speed up the workflow and avoid the issue of moving/copying files to the wrong folder.
2nd Request. Have a default start folder for the File > Open Folder. Using the above example, I would set it to C:\photos.
Thanks for your consideration, and keep up the good work!

Thank you for your suggestions. Your message is added to TODO list (but not on top) for future detailed consideration


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

This feature is supported in FastRawViewer 1.1 (now 'release candidate');

Use Preferences - File Handling - Open Folder Dialog starts at... to set default folder to start OpenFolder dialog from.

FRV 1.1-RC2 is available here:

We're always open for bug reports and suggestions.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

I am trying FRV as raw viewer during tethered shooting with Nikon cameras. I have been using Lightroom in tethered mode or NK Remote (breeze systems). Both of these programs manage the transfer of images from camera to PC via USB tether and camera driver. Can I use FRV instead of LR? Does FVR have the same tethered management to place images into a specific folder, and annunciate camera connection or connection failure? If not, what separate programs are recommended to efficiently carry out image import to pc? I know that NKremote or LR could be used in background to manage tethering, but this is wasting resources and introducing tether delays.

Dear Sir:

Currently, FastRawViewer does not manage the transfers. The program I use for this is either Nikon Camera Control or gphoto2 To my disappointment, any tetherd solution currently available has its showstoppers.

I recently purchased FastRawViewer. I'm glad to see that you support many raw formats that other raw converters do not. Because of this, I believe that you could substantially increase the market for this product (and the utility of this tool) if you offered the ability to "Save to DNG". Then people could buy your product as a preprocessor for raw file formats that Adobe and DXO do not support.

Technically, to re-code a raw file into a basic DNG is not a problem. Chances that it will not be fully compatible with Adobe processing are about 70%. Here is just one example. For many Canon camera bodies Adobe are calculating baseline exposure compensation based on a special Canon tag in Makernotes. Adobe never disclosed that. So a third party is either to reverse engineer Adobe way (and for a yet unsupported camera it might be a problem), or the brightness will be different between an Adobe-produced DNG and a DNG converted by some other party. Anothe issue arizes with colour transforms. They can't be made forward-compatible with yet unknown colour transforms from Adobe or DxO. Neither DNG, nor XMP formats contain tags for black and white points in the sense you want them.

I would also like to see a preference that I could turn on that would automatically set the black point and the white point of all raw files processed by FastRawViewer - storing this information either in the XMP or in a saved DNG.

Renaming RAW files
FRV seams to miss a critical feature: re-naming the raw files when downloading them from my camera. For example: sometimes I choose to add a prefix to the raw file name, or I may choose to give a totally new file name.
Does FRV have this feature? If not: would you consider it worthwile adding to FRV?
Thanks for your feedback.

The main problem with batch renaming is to do it in comfortable way.

Usual dialogs 'make filename template from these pieces' (metadata, serial #, etc) are ugly and awkward.

We'll do batch renaming when we invent elegant solution. We asked for it for many times and it is already in TODO list.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you! I need this feature critically! It would be super helpful to rename my files right off of my SD card instead of using lightroom which forces me to import them first! 

If FRV gets this renaming feature it really would be my choice! any update on this?

It is still in TODO list.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

File rename feature is implemented in FastRawViewer 2 (now in beta1):

Download links are at page bottom

Here is detailed description of the feature:


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Compare view of two raw files
As I tend to make more than one picture of each subject, I need a compare view, i.e. when culling, I would like to see two raw files side by side in order to choose the best shot of two similar pictures.
Does FRV have this feature? If not: would you think it worthwile adding to the product?

Another feature we asked for many times.

Unfortunately, two-files view requires full program internals re-design. It is build around single file view. So, do not expect two (or more) files view before  FastRawViewer 2.0


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Multi monitor support would be great, e.g. all thumbs on screen 1 and the fullsize image on screen 2.

It is already here:

Just drag Filmstrip panel out of program window to second monitor (grab left side of panel with gear button and drag).Then resize the panel by dradding right bottom corner.

The program will save panels position on close, so on next run panels remains in place.

You can drag any panel outside of main window:


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team